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The CPA Journal Millennium Series

  Moving the AICPA into the New Millennium:
  An Interview with Barry C. Melancon

  By James L. Craig, Jr.

  With its proposed global business certification and e-commerce portal, the AICPA may be taking a bold step into the new millennium--or it may be risking the profession's reputation. AICPA President Barry Melancon discusses the reasoning behind these and other recent initiatives and their chances for success. (Article)


  FASB Interpretation No. 44:
  Accounting for Certain Transactions Involving Stock Compensation
  By Anthony F. Cocco and Glenn Vent

  The debate over accounting for employee stock options has long been a contentious one. To help qualify some of the issues left unresolved by earlier standards, FASB has released Interpretation No. 44. (Article)    


   Information Technology Security Engagements: An Evolving Specialty
  By Bruce H. Nearon

  With network connectivity driving the productivity boom, computer security is once again a high priority. Risk avoidance is the key to maintaining a secure information technology environment, and CPAs can develop and monitor the controls that keep an organization safe. (Article)  


  Western Accounting Firms in the Aftermath of the Russian Financial Crisis

  By Thomas C. Taylor and Jack E. Wilkerson, Jr.

  Western accounting firms have been exploring the market potential of the former Soviet Union for more than a decade. After the financial of August 1998, however, they had to look at the current market more realistically while remaining optimistic about the long term. (Article) 


   National Retail Sales Tax: Time for a Closer Look
  By Charles E. Price and Leonard G. Weld

  The cries for federal tax reform are growing louder every year, but the question is what would be the alternative. A national retail sales tax would be fair and easy to administer, but would it be regressive, and where would the rate be set? (Article)  


  IRC Section 121 Gain Exclusion for Bankrupt Debtor's Principal Residence
  By Bruce M. Bird

  The exclusion of the gain from the sale of a principal residence from capital gains taxes is unclear when the seller is a bankruptcy trustee. Recent court rulings, however, have favored trustees and bring some relief to those facing bankruptcy. (Article)


  JULY Departments

   Current materiality guidance for auditors (Article)
   Personal Financial Planning

   Reducing concentrated exposure to employer stock (Article) 

   Federal Taxation

   Final regulations on treatment of COD income by S corporations (Article)
   Final regulations on S corporations entering a consolidated return (Article)

 State and Local Taxation
   Expedited 2000 refunds of New York City nonresident tax withholding  (Article)
   Personal liability for unpaid state withholding taxes (Article)
   The CPA in Industry

   The benefits of outsourcing (Article)

  The CPA Manager

  International opportunities for smaller CPA firms on the Internet (Article)

   Estates and Trusts
   Income tax and estate planning update (Article)
  Employee Benefit Plans

  New IRS guidance on 401(k) safe harbor rules provides flexibility (Article)
  New special tax notice for rollovers (Article)

   The CPA and the Computer
   Updates to QuickBooks and Timeslips (Article)


JULY News & Views

   A whole new ball game
    Colson becomes new editor-in-chief  
    Big Five respond to SEC commentary and SECPS suspension of POB funding, agree to voluntary independence reviews, new systems and controls
    Max Block Award presentation for best CPA Journal article is sheer poetry   
    IMA names new executive director
    CCH acquires tax software rom Arthur Anderson 
  G4+1 issues communique on New Zealand meeting
    Research shows corporate controllers reinventing themselves  
   Final regulations grant relief for plans accepting invalid rollover contribution
  Book review: Accounting Regularities and Financial Fraud
  California Society of CPAs names new executive director


  Coming SOON

   Analysis of the POB panel on audit effectiveness
   The CPA of the future

   Tax consequences of day trading

Estates and Trusts
  Passing IRAs on to heirs
Personal Financial Planning
  Insurance services
The CPA and the Computer

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