Federal Taxation

The Price of a Good Deed: Not All Whistleblowers (February 2015)

Tax Scams Déjà vu—The IRS’s Annual ‘Dirty Dozen’: A Refresher for Tax Professionals and Taxpayers (December 2014)

Key Facts about the New FATCA Rules: Reporting Requirements and Penalties for Individual Taxpayers (November 2014)

Understanding the Net Investment Income Tax: Minimization Strategies for High-Income Individuals (September 2014)

Handling Contingent Attorney Fee Expenses: What Tax Preparers Need to Know (August 2013)

Federal Tax Implications of Windsor: Major Issues Confront Same-Sex Married Couples (July 2014)

Deducting Noncash Charitable Contributions: Documentation and Substantiation Requirements (May 2014)

A Primer on Household Employees: Avoiding Adverse Tax Implications
(December 2013)

Tax Implications for Bloggers (November 2013)

Marital Status after DOMA: Exploring the Practical Tax Implications (October 2013)

Tax Implications of Healthcare Reform for Small Businesses (October 2013)

Business Expense Deductions versus Hobby Expense Deductions: Recent Court Cases between Taxpayers and the IRS (September 2013)

Supreme Court Rulings May Not Eliminate Tax Complexities Unique to Same-Sex Couples (September 2013)

A Practical Look at the Hobby Loss Rule: Determining Factors in Recent Court Cases (August 2013)

Proving that Personal Goodwill Exists: Planning Advice for Professionals Based on Recent Cases (June 2013)

Taxing Ministers of the Gospel: The Good News (May 2013)

The Capitalization Versus Deduction Rules Simplified: Acquisition or Production of Tangible Property and Subsequent Expenditures (April 2013)

Strategies for Reducing the AlternativeMinimum Tax Liability: Considering the AMT’s Design and the Effect of State Taxes (March 2013)

Implications of the 2013 ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal: ATRA Raises Taxes on Investment Income (March 2013)

Tracking Capital Expenditures: Exploring Cost Segregation Studies and Related Temporary Regulations (February 2013)

Classifying Independent Contractors and Employees (December 2012)

Does Basis Overstatement Trigger a Six-Year Limitations Period?: The Supreme Court Ends the Debate (December 2012)

Tax Savings from the Sale of Qualified Small Business Stock (August 2012)

Home Office Deductions: A Review of the Requirements (June 2012)

The Charitable Contribution of a Home: A Deduction up in Smoke? (May 2012)

An Update on New Tax Law Changes: 2011 Tax Return Preparation and Strategic Tax Planning for 2012 (March 2012)

Treasury Regulations Entitled to Greater Deference Under Chevron: Supreme Court Clarifies Itself on Judicial Interpretation (February 2012)

Considerations in the Classification of Workers: Schramm Decision Addresses Adjunct Professors (February 2012)

20 Questions on Marriage and Taxes: Penalties and Bonuses for Filing Status (December 2011)

How the AMT ‘Stealth’ Tax Surcharge Disrupts Marginal Tax Rate Planning Through Transaction Timing (December 2011)

Measuring the Value of 100% First-Year Depreciation (November 2011)

Clarifying Head of Household Issues (October 2011)

Preparing for the 2013 Medicare Contribution Tax (September 2011)

Revenue Procedure 2010-13 Provides Guidance for Passive Activity Groupings (August 2011)

Independent Contractor or Employee? (June 2011)

Recovering Administrative and Litigation Costs: Reasons for Taxpayers to Have Hope (May 2011)

The Tax Consequences of Buying a Distressed Loan: When Does the Open Transaction Doctrine Apply? (April 2011)

Planning to Minimize the New Medicare Taxes (April 2011)

Maximizing Current-Year Deductions on Investments in Business Assets: Taking Advantage of Recent Tax Acts (April 2011)

How to Calculate the Healthcare Tax Credit (April 2011)

Basis Overstatement Still Does Not Trigger Six-Year Limitations Period (March 2011)

The Anatomy of an Excise Tax: Indoor Tanning Services (February 2011)

Finding Clarity in the IRS’s Position on Barter Transactions (January 2011)

Helping Small Businesses Provide Healthcare Coverage (December 2010)

Medicare Part B Premiums: A Hidden Income Tax (December 2010)

The Basics of Private Letter Rulings (November 2010)

Children and the AMT: Saved by the Kiddie Tax (November 2010)

Seventh Circuit Does Not Hear “Audible Silence”: Innocent Spouses Must Comply with Two-Year Deadline (October 2010)

A Reexamination of the Deductibility of Graduate Business Educational Expenses (September 2010)

Recent Income Tax Developments Involving Cell Phones (September 2010)

A Conceptual Approach to the Individual NOL Deduction (August 2010)

Lessons for Tax Planners: ARRA Shows Congress Is Changing Taxes for Individuals (August 2010)

Drinking and Driving: Taxpayer Allowed to Take Casualty Loss for Car He Wrecked (July 2010)

Nurse Wins Favorable Ruling on Deducting MBA Educational Expenses (June 2010)

What Is Reasonable Compensation for S Corporation Shareholder-Employees? Some Practical Guidance (May 2010)

Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges and Entity Considerations (May 2010)

Tax Implications and Other Considerations of Winning a Lottery (April 2010)

Like-Kind 1031 Exchanges with Aircraft (April 2010)

New Federal Tax Legislation: Home Buyer Credit, Electronic Filing, and Other Provisions (April 2010)

Activities Not Engaged In for Profit: How the Courts Interpret IRC Section 183 (March 2010)

IRS Guidance for Ponzi Scheme Losses (February 2010)

Tighter Rules for Excluding Gain on Principal Residence Sales (February 2010)

Education Expenses: An Analysis of the New American Opportunity Credit (February 2010)

Deductibility of Expenses Associated with Renting a Second Home (January 2010)

Like-Kind Exchanges of Mixed-Use Property: Spotlight on Bed and Breakfast Inns(October 2009)

Congressional Plan for Economic Recovery: Overview of Recent Tax Acts (August 2009)

Cancellation of Debt Income Can Be a Surprise for the Borrower (August 2009)

Can IRC Section 1341, Claim of Right, Relieve the Pain of Madoff-Related Losses? (July 2009)

How Deductions, Credits, and Other Benefits Impact the Actual Marginal Rate (June 2009)

New Rules and Penalties for Disclosure of Tax Data (May 2008)

A Tax Professional’s Guide to Madoff-Related Losses: Answering Victims’ Questions on 2008 Returns (March 2009)

New Real Estate Tax Deduction: Is It a Loan, Tax Credit, or Hybrid? (March 2009)

Using the New ‘Qualified Joint Venture’ (February 2009)

Tax Court Can Be a Risky Bet for Gamblers (December 2008)

Problems and Prospects for Schedule C Preparers (October 2008)

Tax Planning Rules for Ministers (September 2008)

Business Valuation
The AICPA Business Valuation Standard SSVS 1
(December 2008)

Not-for-Profit Organizations
New York Benefit Corporations: Bringing Social Responsibility to Business

(March 2014)

Reporting the Governance, Management, and Disclosure Policies of Nonprofits in the Redesigned Form 990 (July 2011)

Seeking Protection from the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty: Board Volunteers May Find It Difficult to Satisfy IRC Section 6672(e) (November 2009)

The Revision of Federal Form 990 (July 2009)

Corporate Taxation
Structuring a Bona Fide Sale of Excess or Slow-Moving Inventory for Tax Purposes: Lessons from Relevant Court Cases
(March 2014)

Dealing with Schedule UTP Disclosure Requirements: Tips for Small and Medium-Sized Entities (August 2013)

Distinguishing Debt from Equity: A Practical Assist (January 2013)

Has the S Corporation Outlived Its Usefulness? (February 2012)

The IRS and the ‘Responsible Person’ for Paying Employment Taxes: A Case Study (November 2011)

The Research Credit: Valuable but Often Overlooked (October 2011)

Considerations in the Advance Pricing Agreement Application Process:
Transfer Pricing Issues for Taxpayers
(September 2011)

Tax Advantages for Sales-Based Royalties (September 2011)

The Increase in Transparency Requirements for Corporate Tax Positions (March 2011)

The New Healthcare Tax Credit for Small Employers (March 2011)

Tax Considerations of Closely Held Corporation Equity-based Compensation (January 2011)

IRS Access to Tax Workpapers: Implications of the First Circuit Ruling on Textron (October 2010)

Is It Time to Pay the Piper? New IRS Project Increases the Odds of an Employment Tax Audit (August 2010)

Tax Benefits of Converting a C Corporation with Undervalued Assets (April 2010)

State Sales Tax and Manufacturing Plant Location (December 2009)

Trading in CO2 Credits: Tax Issues to Consider (January 2009)

State & Local Taxation

New York Sales and Use Tax Audit: What Tax Advisors Should Expect (March 2015)

An Overview of Unclaimed Property: Planning Opportunities and Strategies to Minimize Risk (February 2015)

Current State of Same-Sex Marriage: An Analysis of the Federal and State Income Tax Consequences (January 2015)

Deducting Educational Expenses on the New York State Personal Income Tax Return:
A Case of Permissible Double-Dipping
(January 2015)

New York State’s 2014/2015 Budget Act: Provisions Affecting Individuals, Estates, and Trusts (December 2014)

New York State’s 2014/2015 Budget Act: Provisions Affecting Businesses
(December 2014)

New York State Property Tax Assessments and the Homestead Option (April 2014)

Planning for the New Jersey Inheritance Tax (February 2014)

Statutes of Limitations for Personal Income Tax Returns: An Overview of State Rules and Requirements (January 2014)

An Update on the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Project (November 2013)

Tax Provisions of New York’s 2013/2014 Budget Act (October 2013)

Modifications to State Business Tax Systems: Exploring the Effect on Companies’ Multistate Conduct (May 2013)

Complying with Expanding State Transfer Pricing Rules: Strategies for Multistate Corporations (April 2013)

Sales and Use Taxes for E-Commerce Transactions: Examining Court Decisions and Pending Legislation (November 2012)

Marriage Equality in New York and Beyond: To Love, Cherish, and Tax (October 2012)

New York Enacts an On-time Budget for the Second Straight Year (July 2012)

Relocating Assets Out of State: How New Yorkers Can Take Advantage of Tax-Free Trusts in New Hampshire (July 2012)

Sales Taxation of Services: A Look at New York, New Jersey, and Florida (June 2012)

2010 Storm Losses May Provide an Enhanced Tax Benefit (February 2011)

Tax Credits for Private School Scholarships (February 2010)

New York City Conforms Business Taxes with New York State (December 2009)

Taxation of Gains and Losses on Sales of New York Subsidiary Stock (November 2009)

New York Criminal Tax Investigations: Strategies Used by the Special Investigations Unit (October 2009)

New York Raises Taxes to Cover Plummeting Receipts (August 2009)

Using Childcare Tax Benefits in New York State (March 2009)

New York State Electronic Filing Mandates (February 2009)

Implications of the 2008-2009 (January 2009)

Tax Controversies in New York (November 2008)

Compliance & Enforcement
Foreign Bank Accounts: Opting Out of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program
(August 2014)

Statute of Limitations for an Overstatement of Basis: Analyzing the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling and Related Cases (January 2014)

Meeting the Demands of IRC Section 274(d): Substantiating Trade or Business Expenses (December 2013)

The IRS’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ Tax Scams: A Guide for Tax Professionals and Taxpayers (June 2013)

Taxpayers’ Reliance on Professional Tax Advice: Examining the Penalties under IRC Section 6662 (February 2013)

The Economic Substance Doctrine: Understanding the IRS’s Guidance on its Proper Application (October 2012)

Tax Penalties and Deterrence: Determining Effectiveness and Taxpayer Perception (September 2010)

CPAs Beware: Disclosure or Use of Taxpayer Information Requirements Under IRC Section 7216 (July 2010)

Real-Time Corporate Tax Audits and Their Impact on Financial Reporting (January 2010)

Criminal Tax Evasion and Taxpayer Intent: Supreme Court Says No Harm, No Foul (June 2009)

Estate Planning
Before the Sun Sets: Examining the Portability Election and Related Temporary Regulations (September 2012)

What Planners Need to Know About Portability: Strategies to Minimize Estate Taxation in an Uncertain Landscape (December 2011)

Life Insurance Is Now Taxable? (September 2008)

International Taxation
Navigating the Tax Aspects of Overseas Employees: How CPAs Can Help
(February 2015)

Automatic Information Exchange and Enhanced Transparency: Working Toward a Solution for a Global Compliance Problem (October 2014)

Comparing the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and the Foreign Tax Credit: Which Leads to Greater Savings? (June 2014)

The Creditability of Foreign Taxes: Supreme Court Decides on British Windfall Profits Tax (October 2013)

Reporting Foreign Investments and Activities: Requirements and Penalties for Foreign and U.S. Taxpayers (July 2013)

Foreign Currency Strategies Can Produce Unforeseen Tax Consequences (August 2012)

Double Tax Treaties: The Basics and Benefits (March 2011)

Personal Income Tax Issues for International Students in the United States (March 2010)

United States–Canada Income Tax Treaty Update (October 2008)

Tax Policy
U.S. Individual Tax Changes and Reforms: Implications of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 and the Affordable Care Act of 2010
(December 2013)

Assessing the Marriage Penalty in 2013: Negative Incentives Remain in Place for High-Income Couples (December 2013)

Factoring Inflation into the Capital Loss Deduction: Is It Time for Reform? (February 2013)

Tax-Gap Closers of Recent U.S. Budget Proposals and Tax Legislation
(December 2012)

U.S. Corporate Tax Reform Proposals: Staying Competitive in a Global Economic Downturn (December 2012)

The 2007–2009 Recession in Focus: Its Impact on Individual Taxpayers and States (November 2012)

Tax Implications of U.S. Budgetary Pressures: Uncertainty over the Tax Code and the Impetus for Reform (April 2012)

Prospects for U.S. Corporate Tax Reform: Deferral Clouds the Picture
(January 2012)

Revitalizing U.S Manufacturing: The Role of Tax Policy (June 2010)

Tax Practice & Procedure
The IRS’s Hard Line on Offshore Compliance: Recent Developments Encourage Voluntary Disclosure
(March 2015)

Avoiding Penalties for Tax Return Positions: IRC Rules for Taxpayers and Tax Preparers (February 2015)

Tax Planning
Essential Tax Aspects of Hedge Fund Investments
(September 2014)

Cost Recovery Issues Involving the Acquisition of Open-Air and Prefabricated Structures (July 2014)

Using the Incentive Stock Option Qualification: Mind the Details to Ensure Favorable Tax Treatment (December 2011)

Tax Consequences of Home Sales and Foreclosures (September 2008)

Tax Incentives
Simplified Option versus Regular Method for Home Office Deductions

(December 2014)

Qualified Production Activities under IRC Section 199: Review and Analysis of New Developments (January 2014)

An Update on Company-Financed Research and Development Credits: A State-by-State Comparison (January 2013)

Is the Sun Still Shining on Investments in Solar Electric Property? (September 2012)

Charitable Donations: The Role of ‘Cash Back Rewards’ (February 2012)

Incentives for Businesses to Go Green: Understanding the Tax Consequences of Environmental Capital Expenditures (November 2008)

Going Green with Propane School Buses Offers Great Tax Advantages (March 2010)

Aiding and Abetting Fraud by Filing False Tax Returns: Can a Tax Preparer Be Held Liable?
(April 2014)

Helping Taxpayers Who Are Victims of Identity Theft (July 2011)

Deductibility of Theft Losses: Looking for Context for Madoff-Related Claims (March 2009)

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