The Past, Present, and Future of Forensic Accounting

Audits at the Crossroads: The CPA Journal Symposium on Evolving Standards and Practices

Auditors Still Challenged by Professional Skepticism: Recommendations for Firms, Standards Setters, and Regulators


Taking Credit for Your Work: A Roundup of Federal Tax Credits Available to Individuals

The Best Bets in Tax Software: 2014 Annual Survey of New York State Practitioners

Why Audits Cannot Detect All Fraud: Real Examples and Insights from an Expert Witness

The Future of the Accounting Profession and the Value of the CPA: Opinions and Insights from Young Professionals

Understanding Financial Reporting: Views from Regulators and the Profession

An Introduction to Revenue Management: Exploring Common Techniques and the CPA’s Role

A Fresh Approach to Regulation and Audit Quality: An Interview with PCAOB Board Member Jay D. Hanson

The Expanding Use of Sustainability Reporting: Standards Setting and Assurance Opportunities for CPAs

Enhancing Financial Reporting An Interview with Leslie F. Seidman, Former FASB Chairman and Director of the Pace University Center for Excellence in Financial Reporting

Improving Audit Quality An Interview with Cynthia M. Fornelli, Executive Director of the Center for Audit Quality

The Rise and Stall of the U.S. GAAP and IFRS Convergence Movement Have There Been Benefits to the Convergence Process?


A New Look at Tax Software: 2013 Annual Survey of New York State Tax Professionals

In Pursuit of Revenues: Federal Income Tax Reform

Simulating a Flat Tax Model: What Are the Likely Outcomes?

The U.S. Government’s Consolidated Financial Statements: A Primer for CPAs

Navigating Financial Reporting: Views from Regulators and the Profession

A Critical Look at the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act: Considering the Debate Surrounding Its Provisions and Implications

Examining the Ethics Process: A Conversation with PEEC Chair Wes Williams

Earning the Public’s Trust and Keeping the Profession Relevant: An Interview with ACCA Chief Executive Helen Brand (April 2013)

School District Boards, Audit Committees, and Budget Oversight: Seeking a Formula for Good Governance (March 2013)

Casualty Losses for Property Damaged by Hurricane Sandy: Maximizing Tax Benefits within the Rebuilding Process (February 2013)


Promoting the Value of Internal Auditing: An Interview with IIA President Richard F. Chambers (December 2012)

A Clear Look at Tax Software: 2012 Annual Survey of New York State Tax Professionals (November 2012)

Is Real Tax Reform Realistic? The Election Season Raises a Familiar Question
(October 2012)

Revisiting the Dodd-Frank Act and the Challenges of Regulation: An Interview with Former U.S. Senator Christopher J. Dodd (September 2012)

Illuminating Financial Reporting: Views from Regulators and the Profession (July 2012)

Protecting the Public from Fraud and Ensuring Audit Quality: An Interview with SEC Chief Accountant James L. Kroeker (June 2012)

Auditors’ Responsibility for Detecting Fraud: Putting Ethics and Morality First (June 2012)

Auditors’ Responsibility for Detecting Fraud: Applying Professional Judgment and Maintaining Integrity (June 2012)

Enron Ten Years Later: Lessons to Remember (May 2012)

Integrating Sustainability into the Reporting Process and Elsewhere: Obstacles and Best Practices for CPAs (April 2012)

Recognizing the Value of Management Accounting: The IMA Plans to Grow Certification and Education An Interview with IMA President and CEO Jeffrey C. Thomson (March 2012)

Accounting for Troubled Debt Restructurings by Debtors: Deleveraging During Turbulent Times (February 2012)

Embracing Ethics and Morality: An Analytic Essay for the Accounting Profession (January 2012)


FASB Looks to the Future: Standards Setting in the Post-Convergence World An Interview with Leslie F. Seidman, FASB Chair (December 2011)

A Clear Look at Tax Software: 2011 Annual Survey of New York State Tax Professionals (November 2011)

A Value-Added Tax for America? (October 2011)

Fine-Tuning Financial Reporting: Views from Regulators and the Profession (August 2011)

Raising the Bar: An Interview with James R. Doty, PCAOB Chairman (July 2011)

Growth Potential in a Difficult Economy: Strategies for Expanding Client Services (June 2011)

The GA(A)P in Underfunded State Pension Liabilities: GASB Seeks Better Reporting (May 2011)

A Comparison of U.S. Auditing Standards with International Standards on Auditing: Moving Toward Convergence (April 2011)

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010: Highlights of the Law and Opportunities for Acconting Practitioners, Academics, and Students (March 2011)

Recollections on Standards Setting, Convergence, and Crisis:
An Interview with Former FASB Chair Robert H. Herz
(February 2011)

Accountants’ Liability in Compiling Financial Statements: Why the Disclaimer in Compilation Reports Doesn’t Always Work—and What to Do About It (January 2011)


Environmental Disasters: How Auditors Can Serve as Watchdogs (December 2010)

Tax Incentives of Going Green (November 2010)

Bringing the World Together on One Standard: Getting the United States to Embrace IFRS An Interview with David Tweedie, IASB Chairman (October 2010)

Supreme Court Ruling on the PCAOB: The Constitutionality of Sarbanes-Oxley and the Future of Independent Regulatory Agencies (August 2010)

Beyond the Fraud Triangle: Enhancing Deterrence of Economic Crimes (July 2010)

Global Accounting Standards: Shooting the Rapids (June 2010)

A Clear Look at Tax Software: 2010 Annual Survey of New York State Practitioners (May 2010)

New Ideas for Improving Regulation, Standards, and Education: An Analysis of Recent Recommendations (April 2010)

Adopting IFRS: Guidance for U.S. Entities Under IFRS 1 (March 2010)

The 2009 AMT Stimulus Patch: Tax Strategies to Minimize the AMT Liability (February 2010)

IRA Choices: To Convert or Not to Convert? Roth IRA Conversions in 2010: Issues and Opportunities (January 2010)


Staying Ahead in the Count: An Interview with Jonathan Mariner, CFO of Major League Baseball (December 2008)

Accountants’ Liability in the Madoff Scheme A CPA Journal Symposium

International Accounting Standards: Going from the Talk to Doing the Walk (July 2009)

Recognizing the Red Flags of a Ponzi Scheme: Will You Be Blamed for Not Heeding the Warning Signs? (June 2009)

A Clear Look at Tax Software: 2009 Annual Survey of New York State Practitioners (May 2009)

GASB 53: New Standards for Derivative and Hedging Activities in the Public Sector (April 2009)

International Financial Reporting Standards: The Road Ahead (March 2009)

Gain on Sale of Primary Residence: New Tax Implications (February 2008)

Getting Back to Our Core Values An Interview with Ernest A. Almonte, AICPA Chairman (January 2009)

The Role of Mark-to-Market Accounting in the Financial Crisis (January 2009)


An Interview with Charles D. Niemeier, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Member (December 2008)

A Conversation with IIA President David A. Richards: Elevating the Role of Internal Auditors (November 2008)

Will the Next President Reform the Tax Code? (November 2008)

The Future of Sarbanes-Oxley: An Exclusive Interview with Former U.S. Senator Paul S. Sarbanes (October 2008)

Global Integration of Accounting Standards: How Do We Get It Done? (October 2008)

Paper or Plastic? (September 2008)

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