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Authors of CPA Journal articles are expressly permitted, under the standard terms of the CPAJ copyright agreement, to do the following:

  • Make photocopies of the article to be distributed at seminars or colloquia, included in course packets or classroom materials, or sent to colleagues.
  • Distribute copies of the article in order to promote the author, firm, or institution. Such distribution may be both informational in nature or in conjunction with business solicitation.
  • Incorporate articles into educational programs taught by the author, coworkers, colleagues, or other parties so designated by the author.
  • Incorporate articles into larger works, such as textbooks, collections, or anthologies.
  • Post the article on a personal, firm, or employer website. Authors are also welcome to hyperlink to the CPAJ website and the article directly.

The CPAJ asks that authors include with the reprinted article a notice indicating the date of original publication in the CPAJ along with a notice that the article is copyrighted and used with permission. Reprinted articles that have been adapted, revised, condensed, or expanded should be noted as such.

Authors who wish to have their articles reprinted by a third-party publisher or other organization must send a request to The CPA Journal. Such requests will generally be honored, if the publication does not directly compete with the CPAJ or if a significant period of time has elapsed since the date of original publication.

Authors should note that photographs and illustrations used to accompany their articles in the print and/or online editions of the CPAJ are generally licensed from third-party providers. The CPAJ generally does not own these images and cannot provide licensing approval for their reuse.

Authors who wish to present or distribute a manuscript at a conference or professional proceeding are generally welcome to do so, as long as the authors make the editors aware of such uses and events. Accepted manuscripts may be presented as “accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of the CPA Journal” or something similar.

Third-Party Requests

Generally, no reprint fee is charged for educational and professional uses of CPAJ articles. Fees for commercial uses will vary. Permission is generally granted to third-party requestors for the following educational and professional uses:

  • To colleges and professors seeking to reprint articles in course packets.
  • To colleges and professors seeking to reprint articles in online course-related websites.
  • To other state CPA societies seeking to reprint articles in their publications.
  • To other state CPA societies seeking to incorporate articles in their educational programs or materials.
  • To speakers seeking to make photocopies, excerpts, or slides available for distribution at academic seminars or CPE sessions.

Commercial users are generally charged a flat fee of $175 per article, per use, although this may be modified on a case-by-case basis (generally where several articles are used together in a single project or where other consideration is offered in exchange).

  • To commercial publishers for use in textbooks or other products.
  • To commercial organizations promoting specific products or services, provided that the CPAJ and author approve of the specific use and the context in which the article is being used.

The CPAJ may deny requests for commercial reprints at its discretion, including where reprints would be competitive, dilutive, or contradictory to the intent of original publication. All requests should be made directly to The CPA Journal.


The CPAJ may consider the requestors’ past reprint history or frequency, and the nature and distribution of the publication. Consideration will also be made as to whether the use of the reprint will compete with the market for the authors’ reprint uses or other services.

Special consideration will be given to educational and professional uses in developing nations, as well as for uses where the article is to be translated into a foreign language by the requestor. Special consideration will also be given to requests from other professional and regulatory entities (e.g., bar associations, international accounting associations).

Multiple requests for a single project or for recurring volumes should be made with reasonable justification. The CPAJ will not approve open-ended requests for an unlimited length of time or unlimited volumes for republication.

The CPAJ may require a reasonable number of complimentary sample copies of the reprinted project, at its discretion, once completed.

In accordance with its goal of disseminating accounting information, the CPAJ maintains an archive of past articles online that is freely available to users around the world with access to the World Wide Web. While other parties are free to set up hyperlinks to specific articles on the CPAJ/NYSSCPA websites, the CPAJ provides no guarantee that this free access will be maintained in perpetuity, nor that direct “deep” links will be maintained in perpetuity.

The CPAJ prohibits, and may seek legal recourse against, any third parties who:

  • link to CPAJ articles while misrepresenting the nature of the link or its relationship to the article,
  • misattribute the source of the information,
  • charge a fee, or
  • set up other significant barriers to access hyperlinked material that The CPA Journal otherwise makes available at no charge.

Readers should be wary of any third party offering, for a fee, electronic access to material freely available from the CPAJ online archives: The CPAJ has not authorized any arrangements where the third party does not provide some added value (i.e., as part of a printed volume or within a broader packaged electronic product) to specific CPAJ articles or materials.

Submitting a Reprint Request

Third-parties wishing to reuse of reprint CPA Journal articles must contact the CPAJ in writing via email (, mail, or fax. The request should specify the title, author, and publication date of the article. It must also include the name of the persons or organizations making the request, the nature of the intended request, medium and means of distribution, intended or expected audience, and approximate date or duration.


The CPA Journal is broadly recognized as an outstanding, technical-refereed publication aimed at practitioners, educators, regulators, and other financial professionals. Our goal is to provide the Journal’s readers with insight and analysis on developments in the areas of accounting, auditing, taxation, finance, management, technology, and professional ethics.

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