MAY 1999 Features  
  The Changing Landscape of Computerized Accounting Systems
  By Susan A. Honig

Increasingly affordable hardware, coupled with the new capabilities of e-commerce, e-business, and enterprise resource planning, has created a new generation of affordable solutions that were once out of reach for most businesses. The author reviews the the latest developments and trends in computerized accounting, with an eye to the future. Article


  Materiality Decisions in the Computer Age
  By Lee J. Seidler

It is not uncommon for auditors to find misstatements that are not recorded because the errors are deemed not material. Yet, definitions of materiality vary widely and are often based upon arbitrary assumptions. Because of the minimal effort required to correct errors in financial statements in the computer age, there is need for a new, realistic approach toward making materiality decisions. Article


  Taxpayers Win in Valuing Stock of Closely Held Companies
  By Stanley E. Bulua

In the past, the IRS has refused to allow a valuation discount for corporate taxes payable upon liquidation of a closely held company--even though the tax is practically unavoidable. Two recent court cases challenged the IRS's position--and won. Article


  The Hubert Donnybrook
  By Abraham J. Briloff and Lenore A. Briloff

The Supreme Court's 1997 decision in Hubert has been widely discussed and dissected for its impact on estate planning. the authors weigh in with a fresh perspective on the Court's logic, a pointed opinion on subsequent commentary, and a mirabile dictu on the resulting regulations. Article


  In Search of Concepts on Auditor Independence
  By Douglas R.Carmichael

The author defends the historical definition of independence by reasserting the importance of appearance of independence in auditor relationships. He also moves the concept of independence from the individual engagement to the professsion-wide level. Article


  In Quotes: Auditor Independence: The Issues
  By Richard H. Walker

This is the full text of the SEC director of enforcement's speech as delivered at the December 1998 CPA Journal symposium on auditor independence. Walker identifies the issues pertinent to a debate on the role and definition of auditor independence. Article


  MAY Departments  
   Software revenue recognition Article

  ISBS No. 1: The first step toward effective communications with audit committees on independence
  Five important properties of accounting numbers Article

  The CPA and the Computer
   Information technology issues for the attest, audit, and assurance services functions Article
  The CPA in Industry
  The CPA and the leadership talk Article
  Employee Benefit Plans
  Asset protection and retirement assets Article
  Federal Taxation
  Charitable contributions by individuals Article
  State and Local Taxation

  Assisting clients with the revised New Jersey electronic funds transfer program
   Current New Jersey tax developments Article

  Personal Financial Planning
   Planning with employer stock in a qualified plan Article
  Estates and Trusts
   Gift to family corporation does not qualify for gift tax annual exclusion
   Allocation of GST exemption to contributions to life insurance trusts Article
  The CPA Manager
   Buying, selling, and merging a CPA practice Article

MAY News & Views
Welcome Vermont CPAs Article
The CPA Journal Goes To The Conference Article
Consolidators' Acquisitions Since January 1, 1997 Article
Overhaul Of IASC Board Falls Short, Says FASB Article
Susan Mcdougal To Speak At The Association Of Certified Fraud Examiners Annual Conference Article
Accounting Today Top 100 Survey Shows All Is Well Article
IMA Launches New Flagship Publication Article
AAA Arbitration Panel Opens For CPAS Article
Ernst & Young Establishes Innovative Graduate Degree Article
Accounts Payable Can Save Company Dollars Article
Death Of A Salesman Article
International Accounting Standards Committee Board Holds First Open Meeting Article
Two Georgia Firms Form Registered Investment Advisory Firm Article
AICPA Council Regional Meetings Will Help Set The Course Article
CPAS Warn Congress And IRS: Tax Penalty And Interest System Is Unfair To Taxpayers Article
Mergers And Acquisitions Of CPA Firms: A Guide To Practice Valuation Article

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  The first installment of The CPA Journal Millennium Series
The IRS's new approach to financial status audits
Attorneys and CPAs: The unauthorized practice of law
 Comprehensive income made easy
The CPA in Industry
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