Regulation of Professions by Interstate Compact

By Joseph Zimmerman

The regulation of various professions by the individual states has resulted in nonharmonious licensing standards, impeding individuals licensed by one state from practicing in sister states. This problem has become more serious in the practice of public accountancy because of the increased need for accountants to travel to many states to serve clients with multistate locations. Full Story


Twenty Questions About Elder Planning

Elder planning is complex and emotional, with issues in the areas of estate taxes, IRAs and other retirement-based investments, long-term care insurance (LTCI), and the range of trust instruments available. Well-informed choices allow individuals to control their financial circumstances and fund them better than would otherwise be possible. Full Story

Outsourcing by CPAs: Are We a Business or a Profession?

The outsourcing of tax return preparation to India and other countries is growing exponentially. The practice raises many questions for professionals and practice units engaged in or contemplating engaging in this process. Some questions are economic, some practical, some administrative, and, most important, some are ethical. Full Story

Government Procurement Basics

As the needs of federal, state, and municipal agencies have increased, and as privatization has expanded—to include inmate health care, school management, motor vehicle services, wastewater treatment, road maintenance and toll operations, prison and halfway house supervision—a greater number of businesses of all sizes are seeking assistance with the mechanics of government procurement. Full Story

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