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July 2003 Features
Annual Technology Issue

The CEO/CFO Certification Requirement

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires the CEO and CFO of publicly traded companies to certify the appropriateness of their financial statements and disclosures and to certify that they fairly present, in all material respects, the operations and financial condition of the company. How does this new requirement compare with the assurances some companies already provide in the representation letter and financial statements? The authors believe the new certification may have some beneficial effect but stress the importance of enforcement in changing management's behavior. (Article)

Wireless Networks

New technologies-namely, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi -are quickly making wireless networking a viable alternative to traditional systems. For companies seeking to expand an existing network or make their employees more mobile, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can provide a way to maximize access to shared data and resources. The price and choice of equipment should continue to improve as the technologies become more widely adopted. (Article)

Determining Internet Jurisdiction

The ability of the Internet to reach across borders has raised a host of questions, including ones of legal jurisdiction. Should defendants be haled to a jurisdiction where they had no intent to do business, solely because their websites are accessible there? ? Although several recent court decisions point to the beginnings of a standard for determining Internet jurisdiction, there are a host of unresolved issues, especially on the complex international level. (Article)

Online Financial Calculators

The many financial calculators available on the Internet all promise to help users with their personal financing, home issues, or investments. Their reliability, however, can vary greatly. The authors provide some guidance on what to look for, from choosing the right options and features to checking the assumptions and parameters used by the calculator. (Article)


July 2003 Departments


Accounting and tax treatment of R&D: Update (Article)


Lessons from the Baptist foundation fraud (Article)

State and Local Taxation

Tax Court opinion raises state issues (Article)
NY conforms ordering of corporate tax credits (Article)

Practice 21

Keeping up with IT (Article)


Failure of the proposed 'Business Environment & Concepts' (Article)

The CPA in Industry

The fraud hotline (Article)

Personal Financial Planning

The Internet and financial planning (Article)

Business Valuation

Primer on the quantitative marketability discount model (Article)

Federal Taxation

Deduction or distraction? The U.S. Treasury's stand on obesity (Article)

Flow-Through Entities

S corporation exit agreements (Article)

Guest Editorial

Regrets? Ten colleagues look back
By Daniel Tschopp (Article)


News & Views

IS/IT certifications: Which is the right choice?

Publisher's Column: Standards setting at the crossroads

Product Review: Pentana software

Online salary survey for accounting, finance, and banking professionals

How to avoid 'bad data days'

Reflections on audit reform

Productivity in the small services firm

Book Review: PCAOB Reporter: Coverage of Audit Standards and Board Actions

Website of the Month: The Uniform CPA Examination

Letters to the Editor: The audit as insurance policy
Keeping CPAs in industry current

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