A Hard Look at Tax Software: 2004 Survey of New York State Practitioners

By Susan B. Anders and Carol M. Fischer

In an expanded survey of New York State CPA firms, the authors find a high level of satisfaction with tax software for the third consecutive year. New ratings for entity tax preparation software are similar to those for individual software for the current and two prior years. New York State accountants continue to embrace technology in their tax practices.Full Story

Publisher's Column

Disposal of Old Computer Equipment

Most organizations have been collecting obsolete computers for years. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that 45 million computers will become obsolete annually by 2005. Full Story

Growing Effective Committees

Although the increasing number of members who joined NYSSCPA committees as its new year began on June 1 doesn’t surprise me, the number who serve on two or more committees does, given how overscheduled and overcommitted I know Society members are. Full Story

Network Security and Password Policies

Passwords are the most common authentication for accessing computer systems, files, data, and networks. But are they really secure? Most of us use them every day, change them frequently, and perhaps even see them posted in plain view on employee monitors. Full Story

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