Public Accountability

An Interview with New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi

By Robert H. Colson

In August, CPA Journal Editor-in-Chief Robert Colson discussed issues surrounding the recent problems in school districts on Long Island with New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi. Hevesi became New York State Comptroller in 2002, after two terms as Comptroller of New York City, beginning in 1993. Before that, he spent 22 years in the New York State Assembly. He lives in Queens. Comptroller Hevesi’s office has initiated a number of steps to more effectively monitor management of school districts throughout New York State. More information about the Comptroller’s Office and his school district initiatives can be found at Full Story

Publisher's Column

Pension Accounting: The Continuing Evolution

Efforts to enhance the relevance and understandability of reported pension information date back to the earliest standards setters, and the many pension-related standards have been met with mixed reviews. Full Story

Taxes: Discussing Complex Issues in Plain English

As we enter the final weeks leading up to the national election, I have noticed how much media coverage has changed over the years. Substantive issues are reduced to sound bites, most discussions focus on personalities, and allegiances to political parties resemble the loyalty that sports fans have for their teams. Full Story

Transparency: The New Peer Review Watchword

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the word “transparent” comes from the Latin transparen, meaning “to show through,” and has two primary definitions: “having the property of transmitting light so that bodies lying beyond are seen clearly,” and “free from pretense or deceit.”
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