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The CPA Journal Millennium Series

  Managing Effective Disaster Recovery

  By Stanley Weiner

For the middle-market company, an effective disaster recovery plan could mean the difference between survival and failure. Once a team has been established and unique exposures identified, specific recovery procedures can be developed and ready for implementation. The amount of money spent is less important than the fact that a clear plan is in place. (Article)


  Global Demand for the CPA Exam
  By Randy Howard, Kotaro Anjo, and Irvin N. Gleim

Each year, many international accountants take the CPA exam in order to prove their knowledge of U.S. standards. Although some state boards of accountancy discourage this practice, the authors believe it indicates global esteem for the CPA and benefits the national public interest. The authors suggest allowing international candidates certification-only status, increasing exam security, and administering the exam outside the United States as ways to encourage even more international candidates. (Article)


  Contrarians or Soothsayers 

  By Wanda A. Wallace

Each Statement of Financial Accounting Standard that is released provides for dissents by individual board members. An analysis reveals that dissents have tended to cluster around certain perennial themes. Some opinions have also proven prescient, emerging in later years as majority positions. (Article)


    An Assessment of Accounting Portals 
  By Paul D. Warner 

Website portals have become increasingly specialized and attuned to the needs of specific user groups. Accounting portals have aimed to provide CPAs with up-to-date professional news and technical information. Although they have made great strides in recent years, our reviewer thinks they need more work before they can be considered a truly integral professional tool. (Article)


  December Departments

   Planning materiality in audits of nonprofit organizations (Article)
    Federal Taxation 

  Federal and state tax relief for September 11 victims (Article)
  Management service agreements inolving bond-financed space (Article)
  IRS exempts small taxpayers from inventory accounting (Article)

   State and Local Taxation 

  The N.Y. industrial or manufacturing business credit (Article)

  Flow-through Entities 

  Withholding basics for foreign partners (Article)

   Not-for-Profit Organizations
  Establishing and operating taxable subsidies (Article)
   The CPA and the Computer
  CPA2Biz and application services (Article)
  Employee Benefit Plans
  Qualified retriement plans and the 2001 Tax Act (Article)
   The CPA in Mediation and Arbitration
  A practical guide to arbitration for CPAs (Article)
  Annual Index
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  Guest Editorial
   If I could do it over again - by Barry B.Seidel (Article

December News & Views

  Disaster recovery plans: Better late than never
  Research studies show differing views on Regulation FD       
  A new sense of purpose for the CPA
  AIMR report on analyst objectivity outlines key pressures, calls for market support
  MDP update: Recsssion, MDPs, and the CPA
  Website of the Month:
  New coalition promotes ethnic philanthropy in New York
  Book Review: Wiley Not-for-Profit Accounting Field Guide, 2001
  State tax department information available through e-subscription service

Letters to the Editor
  Another perspective on bridging the education gap
  End-of-year perspective on 2001

 Coming Soon

  Evaluating Audit Differences
  New York State Empire Zones
  Measuring Free Cash Flow

Federal Taxation 
  Supreme Court addresses PLLs
Practice 21
  Websites and marketing
E3 Generation
  Core competencies


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