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The CPA Journal Millennium Series

  Electronic Signatures and Encryption

  By William Hillison, Carl Pacini, and David Sinason

   Technology may be having a tremendous impact on the way business is transacted, but the old need for verifiable and binding agreements--the kind of assurance provided by a signature--remains. The challenge facing companies now is to weigh the features and costs of new electronic controls against the possible security risks. (Article)


  Advising the 'Responsible Person' in New York
  By Michael P. Cassier, Mark S. Klein, and Andrew B. Sabol 

  Corporate officers and employees can be held personally responsible for unpaid trust fund taxes, often without even knowing it. The case law is complex, turning on the specific taxes at issue and the authority and behavior of the responsible, making experience counsel indispensable. (Article)


  Inventory: The Search for Parameters

  By Mark A. Segal 

  The determination of what constitutes merchandise and therefore requires accounting by the accrual method hinges on whether the taxpayer is a provider of services or seller of inventory. Recent court decisions have clarified the parameters of inventory where the materials are inseparable from the rendering of the service, incapable of being held in inventory, and unable to be purchased directly. (Article)


   A Process for understanding a Business and its Industry   
  By Brain Ballou, Dan L. Heitger, and Richard H. Tabor

  Developing and maintaining a thorough understanding of a business and industry can be challenging but is crucial to providing valued business advice. The authors use a 10-step, objective-directed process to efficiently filter and structure incoming information about a business and industry. (Article)

  August Departments

   Graphical transaction model for deferred tax analysis and accounting (Article)

   Use of control assessment in audits (Article)

   Federal Taxation

   Excess loss accounts: Avoiding unanticipated recaptures (Article)
   Tax planning with the new capital gains rate (Article)

 Estates and Trusts 

   Declining interest rates enhances grantor retained annuity trusts (Article)

  The CPA and the Computer An Internet opportunity (Article)
   The CPA Manager
   Emotional intelligence in accounting firms (Article)
   Competing in the assurance services market: Service quality (Article)
  Not-for-Profit Organizations
   Coordination between internal and independent auditors
   Personal Financial Planning
   Long-term care insurance (Article)
  E3 Generation 

   Getting to 150 hours: A survey of CPA exam candidates (Article)  

   Guest Editorial
   I would do it all again, and again ... by Gerry L. Golub (Article)

August News & Views

   Staying ahead of the electronic curve
  Society responds to state requests for cost allocation attestations      
   Bridging the education gap
   E-signature law receives vote of confidence
   Philanthropy under new tax law: An issue of life or death?
   Website of the Month: My accounting Portal
   SEC and Andersen reach record settlement in audit fraud case
   Book Review: Accountant's Guide to Fraud Detection and Control, Second Edition
   Accounting professor leaves school, becomes better teacher

  Letters to the Editor
   The slippery slope of subjective judgments
  A fair and just outcome

 Coming Soon

  Dissecting the 2001 Tax Act  
  Transfers to foreign trusts
  Life insurance 

  The isolated error
E3 Generation  
  Stretching the CPA brand
The CPA in Mediation and Arbitration
  Estate planning


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