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  Charitable Planning for Tax-Favored Retirement Accumulations

  By Andrew J. Fair and Melvin L. Maisel

  Many high-net-worth individuals intend to use some of their retirement accumulations toward charitable purposes, but there can be unintended consequences if the planning is not done right. The authors present a number of alternative techniques that will safeguard the owner's intent. (Article) 


  Hidden Benefits of the 'Nanny Tax'
  By Jo Ann Pinto and Joseph L. LiPari

  Many taxpayers disregard (or are ignorant of)the reporting responsibilities imposed by the "nanny tax." In some cases, the financial burden of compliance is not a great as one might think. (Article)     


   Designating a QTIP as the Beneficiary of an IRA Under Revenue Ruling 2000-2
  By Patrick L. Emerling

  Revenue Ruling 2000-2 is consistent with the Treasury regulations that have long governed QTIPs and allows greater flexibility in drafting trusts that will qualify for the marital deduction, Using specific language in the trust instruments should ensure that an IRA qualifies for QTIP treatment. (Article)   


  Using the IRD Deduction to Improve Wealth Preservation

  By Maurice R. Kassimir, Tonia Sherrod, and Melvin L. Maisel

  Taking full advantage of the deduction for income in respect of a decedent (IRD) under IRC section 691(c) can avoid onerous double taxation . Proper planning of distributions can extend tax-free accumulations and preserve a family's wealth. (Article) 


  Shielding the Family Limited Partnership from IRS Attacks
  By Laurence Keiser

  Recent court decisions appear to validate the use of limited partnerships with a valid business purpose, blunting the IRS's attacks on the wealth transfer method. Careful management of the affairs of the transferor and the partnership will ensure that valuation discounts of gift transfers will be permitted. (Article)     


  Investment Advisory Services Under ERISA
  By Sheldon M. Geller

  The recent dramatic growth in wealth held in retirement plans means increased risk for the auditors, trustees, or advisors of defined contribution pension plans. CPAs should understand their responsibilities under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. (Article)   


  SEPTEMBER Departments

  The CPA Manager
   Creating a human resources department (Article)
   The CPA in Industry

   Compensatory stock options (Article) 

   The CPA and the Computer

   Removing the paper weight (Article)

 The CPA in Mediation and Arbitration
   Resolving workplace disputes through mediation (Article)
   News bites: Workplace dispute risk assessment (Article) 
   Estates and Trusts

   Passing IRAs down to heirs (Article)

   Federal Taxation

  Creating and maximizing the AMT credit (Article) 

   IRA Planning
  Disclaiming an IRA: New PLR improves beneficiary options (Article)
   State and Local Taxation

   Directors' fees: A source of controversy (Article)
   New Jersey reverses its position on NYC UBT and Philadelphia BPT (Article)
   Changes to the New York State corporation franchise tax (Article)

   Employee Benefit Plans
  Nonqualified 401 (k) mirror plans (Article)

   What's in a name: A letter from CPA Journal Editor-in-Chief Robert Colson (Article)


SEPTEMBER News & Views

  September is high-net-worth month
  Proposed auditor independence rulemaking 
  'We are running out of people'
  IASC publishes G4+1 position paper on accounting for share-based payment    
  CFOs Talk About The 'New Economy', Branding
  Book Review: Strategic Insights: Decisionmaking Tools for Business Leader
  Website of the month: KPMG
  Multidisciplinary practice update
  New technology watch  

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