September 2000

CFOs talk about the ‘new economy,’ branding

Forbes magazine recently held a national forum of CFOs in New York City titled “Value in the Networked Economy.” Forbes Publisher Richard Karlgaard, moderator of three keynote addresses on “Engines of Value for the Information Age,” remarked that “the relationship between market value and book value has been ‘blown to smithereens’ by the ‘new economy.’” He noted three approaches that do work:

  • The value of networks and network economics;
  • Radically different business models; and
  • The concept of branding.

    Keynote speaker Kris Chellam, senior vice president and CFO of Xilinx, said that he personally doesn’t believe in branding, choosing instead to “invest in our ecosystem and build on the value of our intellectual property” through a company’s people. Clement Mok, chief creative officer of Sapient Corporation, however, said that “branding is ‘24/7’ at the company, and part of operations.”

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