SEPTEMBER Features  


   The Commission Commitment
  By Ron Klein


  Financial Service Opportunities: Regulatory and Other Dangers
  By Dan L. Goldwasser and Michael J. Crisafulli

  As CPAs engage in commission-based services, often in order to better serve the diverse needs of high-net-worth clients, they encounter many thorny regulatory, ethical, and practical issues. There is much to be considered before taking the plunge. This comprehensive look at the topic, consisting of two articles and several sidebars, is part of The CPA Journal Millennium Series (Article1) (Article2).


  Succession Planning and Exit Strategies for the High-Net-Worth Business Owner
  A Panel Discussion Moderated by James L. Craig, Jr.

  Very often, the principal asset of a high-net worth individual will be a family-owned business. The CPA is an ideal position to inform the owner of the importance of succession planning and an exit strategy. Four experts on the topic discuss their thoughts and approaches to the topic. The panel agrees on the use of an employee stock ownership plan for most--but not all--succession scenarios. (Article)


  Some Considerations for Private Investment Partnerships
  By Arthur S. Ainsberg and Steven J. Fredman

  Private Investment Partnerships, sometimes called hedge funds, have gained notoriety as a risky, high-yield option for high-net-worth individuals. There are a number of restrictions that apply to these investment vehicles; however, recent changes to the securities law have made them more flexible and accessible. (Article)


    Personal Financial Planning Software
  By Anthony H. Sarmiento

  For the CPA entering the financial planning field, there are a number of software packages on the market which can help perform calculations and produce graphic output. This article is a brief look at the options available and what they can do for the planner. (Article)


 Financial Planning for Divorced Individuals
  By Thomas R. Robinson and Lawrence C. Phillips

  A divorce can have a negative financial impact on both parties. Often, a CPA can help to minimize the damage, but too often an agreement is already finalized and restricts what can be done. The earlier the CPA is involved, the more that can be done to craft a beneficial resolution for both individuals. (Article)


  SEPTEMBER Departments  
  The CPA in Mediation and Arbitration
   The CPA as negotiator: the next step (Article)
  IRA Planning

  More Roth IRA changes (Article)

  The CPA in Industry

   Successful networking is an attitude (Article)

  Personal Financial Planning
   An introduction to family foundations
   Book review: Ernst & Young's Financial Planning Essentials (Article)
  Federal Taxation

  Charitable contributions of computer equipment
  Tax credits that are not child's play (Article)

  Employee Benefit Plans

  Cash balance plans (Article)

  The CPA Manager

   Product review: Olympus D-620L digital camera and P-330 home photo  (Article)

  Estates and Trusts
   CRUT preparation point
   Facing the reality of succession planning (Article)
SEPTEMBER News & Views
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International Accounting Standards Update
First Amendment To 1994 Yellow Book
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Certified Profit Enhancement Consultant (CPEC) Designation Introduced By Institute Of Profit Advisors
Salomon Smith Barney Survey Says Losing Poolings Of Interest Will Be OK
IMA Names New President
Coming To America
Estate Planning May Migrate Into Family And Wealth Preservation Planning
Statements On Quality Control Standards To Address Attest Experience Requirements
Two Categories Of Firms
Audit Committees Need To Become More Active, Expand Scope
SEC Takes Steps Toward Accessibility, Readability

  Coming SOON  

    Robert Elliott: Leadership for the new millennium
 The development of international auditing standards
   Independence in a changing profession

The CPA in Industry
   Y2K readiness for rental properties
   Practical implementation issues for ISB statement No. 1

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