MARCH 1999 Features  
  The CPA and Independence: Illusion or Reality?
  By James L. Craig, Jr.
    Auditor Independence concerns all the players in the financial reporting process: auditors, regulators, preparers, investment analysts, and the stock exchanges. A recent symposium sponsored by The CPA Journal and the New York State Society of CPAs brought these groups together to identify the issues and discuss solutions. (Article)


  Expert Witness Procedures for Accountants
  By Robert F. Reilly
    Many CPAs find litigation support to be a valuable practice opportunity. The courtroom, however, has its own rules that expert witnesses need to know. The author presents a strategy for making every court appearance a successful one. (Article)


  New Technologies to Combat Check Fraud
  By Raymond Jeffords, Greg Thibadoux, and Marsha Scheidt
    Despite banks' efforts to the contrary, checks remain popular among consumers. Advances in technology, however, have made check fraud rampant. Now technology is being turned against the criminals, as developments such as ultraviolet imaging, high-capacity barcodes, and biometrics are making checks more secure and more efficient. (Article)


  Open Book Management
  By Thomas L. Barton, William G. Shenkir, and Thomas N. Tyson
    Open-book management represents a simple yet powerful change in corporate culture. Under the approach, management chares financial information with its employees, trains them to understand it, and rewards them when the company performs well. CPAs have a natural advantage in advising clients on open-book management, and may even want to consider adopting it themselves. (Article)


  Valuing Gifts of Interests in Closely Held Businesses
  By Paul Streer and Caroline D. Strobel
    There are substantial transfer tax savings available to individuals that gift partial interests in closely held businesses to the younger generation. Valuing such a gift, however, is a complex and often controversial process. Significant changes in tax law and IRS policy have created a greater opportunity for discounting these gifts--and greater tax savings for clients. (Article)
  State Taxation of Multistate Corporations
  By Kurt Fanning and David Joy
    Despite efforts to harmonize corporate income tax treatment across all states, current tax laws lack consistency. As a result, corporations can save substantial sums of money by properly structuring their interstate business operations. The authors provide a conceptual framework to facilitate a planning strategy. (Article)


  MARCH Departments  
  · Deferred taxes in personal financial statements (Article)
  · ASB issues SAS on restricted use reports (Article)
  Federal Taxation
  · Clinton targets corporate tax shelters (Article)
  Estates and Trusts
  · Estate planning is too easy to put off doing
  · A simple review can save your family over $15,000 (Article)
  The CPA Manager
  · Key account management (Article)
  The CPA in Industry
  · Y2K: A chance for your technical team to shine (Article)
  Personal Financial Planning
  · Significant changes in the New York State Medicaid policy
  · New York State college tuition choice savings program (Article)
  The CPA and the Computer
  · Accounting firm internet sites that work (and those that do not) (Article)
  The CPA in Mediation and Arbitration
  · The ADR Act of 1998 offers opportunities for accountants
  · Sound bites and news (Article)
  IRA Planning
  · Taking tax-free required distributions (Article)
March News & Views:
Auditor Independence: Looking For Solutions (Article)
AICPA Peer Review Board Amends Peer Review Standards (Article)
Insights From FASB (Article)
Auditor Education Fund Established As A Result Of Censure Of Firm (Article)
Random Thoughts From A Contrarian (Article)
A One-Shot SOP (Article)
National Society Of Accountants Holds Conference To Fight UAA (Article)
Female AICPA Membership (1998-99) (Article)
Signing Bonuses: Here To Stay? Or Not The Only Way? (Article)
SEC Scrutiny Of In-Process Research And Development (Article)
A Letter To The Independence Standards Board (Article)
Research On Accounting Ethics, Volume 4, 1998 (Article)

  Coming SOON  
· The birth of the euro
· Captive insurance companies
· Dress-down days: benefit or burden?
Accounting for the issuance of convertible securities
The CPA in Industry
An application of the theory of constraints
Federal Taxation
Tax credits that are not child's play

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