MARCH Features


  G4+1: A Newcomer to the International Scene

  By Dennis R. Beresford

  Over the past few years, a largely informal group of representatives from accounting organizations in five industrial nations has become an important player on the world scene. Written by an original member of the group, this article goes inside the G4+1 and reveals its intention to become something like an R&D department for international standards.(Article)


  The CPA Journal Millennium Series

   Tax Planning Simplified
  By Robert Preston

  Rather than waste time and energy pursuing every new credit or deduction Congress offers, one practitioner says that the best plan is to stop trying to predict the future and stick to saving your clients money today(Article).


  The Child Tax Credit: Benefits, Limitations, and Complexities
  By James M. Hopkins

  The various IRS provisions dealing with tax credits for children have been promulgated with little regard for how they are to be used together. The IRS has given some guidance for stacking and combining credits, but careful calculation is required to get the most out of them.(Article)


   1999 AICPA National Conference on SEC Developments

  By Reva Steinberg and Roy Van Brunt

  Attendees of this annual conference get an inside look at the SEC's attitudes on current topics from high-level staff. This year, the SEC continues to focus on transparent reporting, independence, and earnings management.(Article)


  Uniform CPA Examination
  By Jacqueline Burke and Eugene T. Maccarrone

  The AICPA Board of Examiners has proposed significant changes to bring the uniform CPA examination in line with what today's CPA needs to know. Areas under debate include business law, technology, general business knowledge, and the format of the exam itself.(Article)


   HUD Mark-to Market Restructuring
  By Abraham E. Haspel

  The Department of Housing and Urban Development's rents to low-income housing project owners have spiraled out of control, with many now exceeding comparable market rents. The new HUD restructuring options try to bring the rents to reasonable levels while protecting owners from the negative consequences of the adjustment.(Article)


  MARCH Departments

   The effect of accounting for derivatives on other comprehensive income(Article)
  State and Local Taxation

   New York beneficiaries now entitled to pension and annuity exclusion(Article)
   Income tax changes taking effect in 1999(Article)

  Personal Financial Planning

   What's the chance of that happening?(Article)

  Estates and Trusts
   Recent developments in fiduciary income taxation(Article)
   The CPA in Industry

  The components of a comprehensive framework of internal control(Article)

   The CPA and the Computer

  Client/server financial reporting: A primer for accounting professionals(Article)

   Federal Taxation

   Final regulations on unrecaptured IRC section 1250 gain reported on the installment method(Article)
  IRS proposed regulations on sale of pass-through entities(Article)

   The CPA in Mediation and Arbitration

  Breaking up is hard to do: The CPA as divorce mediator(Article)

MARCH News & Views

   Throw the crystal ball out the window
   KPMG incorporates consulting business with Cisco Systems
   PricewaterhouseCoopers addresses SEC report on independence violations
   Deloitte & Touche CEO explains growth in terms of lower turnover
   Transfer pricing survey shows multinationals face greater scrutiny
   Salary surveys confirm impact of technology supply and demand
   How to order
   AICPA, Fidelity strike alliance on investment advisory services 
   IRS changes emphasize technology, paperless filing
   Financial Times survey reveals patchy compliance with International Accounting Standards
   Reminder: Yellow book amended

  Coming SOON

   SAS No. 89 and audit adjustments
   The alternative minimum tax 

   Accounting for Social Security trust funds

The CPA in Industry
   Activity-based costing for sales and administrative costs
Federal Taxation
   Interest expense on debt-financed acquisitions of pass-through entities
Estates and Trusts
   IRS allows gift tax exclusion for prepaid tuition

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