March 2000


Information technology (IT) salaries overall continue to rise, with not enough qualified individuals to fill demand. Large pay increases continue to be the norm for top-level personnel in large and medium-sized companies. These are among the findings reported in a national salary survey published by Positive Support Group, Inc. (PSR), a Los Angeles-based management consulting firm.

The PSR survey data were collected via the Internet and mailed survey forms. The data reflect IT salaries in 73 major cities in the United States and 28 cities in Canada.

Average compensation for the top IT executives was $399,000 for large companies (revenues more than
$500 million) and $298,000 for medium-sized companies (revenues less than $500 million), huge increases compared with last year's $320,000 and $270,000, respectively. Salary ranges and averages for mid-level and staff positions have also grown dramatically during the last year, with 21%
increases for employees of large companies and 49% increases for mid-level employees of medium-sized firms.

Similar research from Robert Half International, Inc., confirms these general trends and provides other insights. Starting salaries for all positions (not just technology) at large CPA firms (more than $250 million in sales) are expected to grow by an average of 4.8% in 2000.

In the IT area, base salaries for chief technical officers are expected to rise 9.4%, from $85,000­$123,000 (1999) to $92,000­$135,000 (2000). For the IT job title of senior consultant, base salaries are estimated to increase by 16.9%, from $60,000­$78,000 (1999) to $73,000­$88,000 (2000). Reflecting the surge in e-commerce, the Robert Half study projects salaries for the job title electronic commerce specialist to increase by 14.8%, from $45,000­$73,000 (1999) to $53,000­$82,500 (2000). *

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