APRIL 1999 Features  
  The Euro is Born
  By Alan E. Weiner and David W.K. Chitty
As of January 1, 1999, the euro is the official currency of 11 European nations. Numerous businesses and tax considerations will emerge as legacy currencies are converted to euros. CPAs may find practice opportunities during this transition period. (Article)


  One Judge's Perceptions of CPAs
  By Dan L. Goldwasser
The bookkeeper stole over $200,000. the judge thought the CPA firm should have been more effective in preventing the losses. The CPA firm was found liable even though it was only performing a review. (Article)


  Savings Clauses
  By Eugene Lyle Stoler
Savings clauses are designed to prevent an adverse result that might otherwise arise. Although the IRS generally looks down upon savings clauses, they can, if properly structured, enable the taxpayer's intentions to be properly and accurately interpreted to everyone's benefit. (Article)


  Captive Insurance Companies
  By Lewis Kenneth Shayne
Companies are always evaluating their insurance options. A new law in New York State should allow captive insurance companies to flourish. The author explains how captives work and details their benefits and risks. (Article)


  Dress-Down Days
  By Terri Gutierrez and R. John Freese
Dress-down days continue to be a controversial subject in the workplace. The authors surveyed CPAs to determine whether dress-down days actually do improve moral and productivity and whether they are the right answer for all businesses. (Article)


  1998 AICPA National conference on SEC Current Developments
  By Roy T. Van Brunt and Dorothy E. Walker
Each December, the AICPA sponsors a national conference to spotlight matters of topical importance to the accounting profession, registrants, and the SEC. the most recent conference provided insight into topics currently on the SEC's radar, such as the integrity of financial reporting, earnings management, and reverse accounting. (Article)


  APRIL Departments  
  International Perspectives
  · Background on the euro (Article)
  · Auditor responsibilities related to the Year 2000 issue (Article)
  · Accounting for the issuance of convertible securities (Article)
  The CPA in Industry
  · An application of the theory of constraints (Article)
  The CPA Manager
  · Getting new clients and keeping old ones (Article)
  Federal Taxation
  · IRS issues guidance on payment of employment taxes for disregarded entities
  · Exclusion in sale of principal residence still available without two-year ownership (Article)
  Taxation of Financial Products
  · Tax court decides bank loan's origination expenditures are capital (Article)
  State and Local Taxation
  · Potential sales tax traps for disregarded entities (Article)
  The CPA and the Computer
  · Wealth transfer planning system from RIA (Article)
  Personal Financial Planning
  · The value of long-term care insurance (Article)
  Estates and Trusts
  · Insurance and the three-year rule (Article)
  Employee Benefit Plans
  · DOL requires SOP 92-6 disclosures (Article)
  The CPA Consultant
  · The need for training in business appraisals (Article)

  APRIL News & Views  
 · Look For The Euro In Two Places (Article)
 · Richard Tracy Named To GASB (Article)
 · GASB And AICPA Resolve Y2K Dilemma (Article)
 · Public Oversight Board Issues Annual Report (Article)
 · Accounting Irregularities: The Peril, Discovery, And Cure (Article)
 · 10-Point Plan To Improve Oversight Of Financial Reporting Process (Article)
 · Deloitte & Touche Announces New Leadership (Article)
 · IFAC Convenes Worldwide Lending And Development Groups To Advance Accounting Development (Article)
 · Old Wine In A New Bottle: Is It Enough? (Article)
 · Two New Offerings From The Institute Of Internal Auditors (Article)
 · Consolidators Stay Busy (Article)
 · Research On Accounting Ethics, Volume 4, 1998 (Article)
 · Building Trust And Value-Added Services (Article)

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