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Nov 1991

Texas Instruments expands microlaser printer family. (Evaluation)

by Warner, Paul D.

    Abstract- .

While the microLaser Turbo printers have the same popular features as Texas Instrument's other microLasers--including a small footprint, industry- standard emulations and advanced paper handling--they offer enhancements such as intelligent switching between interfaces and emulations without requiring user intervention. They also feature PostScript Level 2 from Adobe, giving users access to the newest version of the industry-standard page description language.

The new microLaser Turbo printers with PostScript Level 2 support the entire library of 5,000 + PostScript-compatible software programs, including Ventura Publisher, PageMaker, AutoCAD, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, and MacCAD. The printers will ship with drivers for Windows and the Macintosh to help users obtain the benefits of PostScript Level 2.

Both the microLaser Turbo and microLaser XL Turbo ship with 35 PostScript fonts. Also included is PCL 4 emulation, giving users the benefit of both PostScript and HP LaserJet II compatibility. The microLaser Turbo printers can automatically switch back and forth between the two emulations with no loss of print data.

The microLaser Turbo offers concurrently active communications, allowing up to three networks or three hosts to simultaneously communicate to the printer. The printer automatically polls each interface before printing to determine where data is being received and then proceeds to print.

The microLaser Turbo printers offer 2.5 MB RAM. Up to eight additional MBs can be added. An optional SCSI disk drive interface can be added to allow more fonts and images to be stored on external disk drives.

Existing microLaser users can convert their printers to a 6 ppm or 16 ppm Turbo model with a simple upgrade that requires no tools or technical expertise.

Texas Instruments, Inc. Information Technology Group P.O. Box 202230, ITG-9122 Austin, TX 78720-2230 800/527-3500

* Price: $2,249 for microLaser Turbo and $3,649 for microLaser XL turbo. The microLaser Turbo upgrade kit is priced at $1,250. Reseller pricing may vary.

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