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Nov 1991

Help is available for securing a business loan. (Evaluation)

by Wicks, Jack

    Abstract- .

Loan Express can help owners decide what types of financing are required, generates the most acceptable proposal with schedules, reports and graphs, helps plan appropriate uses for the new capital, and helps clarify where the busines is at and where it could go with extra financing. Basically, all the user does is enter the appropriate and accurate data, then Loan Express performs all necessary calculations resulting in a variety of available data.

To use Loan Express, the user enters the company's basic financial information from statements or tax returns for the previous two to five years. After data is entered, ratio and financial comparisons, 10-year annual projections, one-year monthly projections, business valuation, break-even analysis, loan compliance and cost of capital analysis are automatically performed. This information, combined with financial goals of the company, will provide a solid financial plan that should satisfy any lenders. A 15-to 40-page written loan proposal is then generated, which can be further edited.

ValuSource 1939 Grand Avenue/2ndFloor San Diego, CA 92109 619/483-1172

* Requirements: IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatibles; one floppy drive; MS/PCDOS 2.0 or higher; 512 K RAM; hard disk drive. Loan Express is compatible with most local area networks and multi-user systems running DOS 2.0 or higher.

* Price: $195.

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