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Nov 1991

IBM AS/400 Computer Systems for $12,000. (Evaluation)

    Abstract- .

The AS/400 9402 Model DO2 is a $12,000 entry into the full range of AS/400 processors for small and growing businesses. The price consists of $10,200 for the DO2 and $1,800 for the OS/400 operating system.

The DO2 is available alone or as the system component of a complete Plug'N'Go System Solution, which includes pre-loaded hardware as well as system and application software.

The DO2 base system offers 8 MB of main storage and 800 MB of disk storage and supports either twinaxial or ASCII devices. With twinaxial support, an optional first workstation attachment is available. A low- priced VGA display can be used as the workstation. Twinaxial support provides attachment of up to 14 users (including the optional first workstation). Base ASCII support provides for six workstations, displays or printers, or six displays each with a display-attached printer for a total of 12 devices--six displays and six attached printers. An optional ASCII expansion feature allows six additional displays for a total of 18 devices.

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