Download Bond Discount and Premium Amortization Spreadsheet
Harry Howe's spreadsheet for bond discount and premium amortization described int he February 1999 CPA Journal is now available for download.

READ ME: Currently, the program is avaiable as a Microsoft Excel worksheet and as five separate Lotus 1-2-3 worksheets. Click on the appropraite links below to download the files.

IMPORTANT: The author has not left any specific instructions for downloading this worksheet. Please contact us if you experience any problems or difficulties, and we will do our best to solve them.


Bond Worksheet for Microsoft Excel
(bondamor.xls; 111kB)

Bond Worksheet for Lotus 1-2-3
(table1.wk4; 15kB)

Bond Worksheet for Lotus 1-2-3
(table1p.wk4; 12kB)

Bond Worksheet for Lotus 1-2-3
(table2.wk4; 11kB)

Bond Worksheet for Lotus 1-2-3
(table3.wk4; 6kB)

Bond Worksheet for Lotus 1-2-3
(sleff.wk4; 23kB)


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