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The following are a number of options for downloading Donald Schwartz's AuditAid, a Microsoft Excel-based tool for bringing the benefits of nonstatistical sampling to the desktop.

READ ME: Currently, the program is only available for download as an Excel file. It has been developed for Excel 95 and 97 users; 97 users may want to save the program on their hard disks in the Excel 97 format. I do not believe the program will operate on a Macintosh or other Excel platform, but please do mention if you have been able to install it successfully elsewhere. Also, please do relay any problems or difficulties you may experience with the download or the installation; we will be happy to help in any way we can.

IMPORTANT: There may be a number of questions you are asked in the process of downloading and installing AuditAid. Your browser may caution you against opening the file; there should be no difficulties when doing this, but be sure that you save the program to your hard drive and remember where it is. If the program has trouble opening, try starting Excel and opening AuditAid from within it. Upon opening, the program will ask you if you want to open it as a "read-only" document. You must answer "No" or else it will not work. You may also be asked if you want to "disable macros". You will have to choose to enable macros for it to work. The program has been delivered to the Journal virus-free and you should not experience any system problems with it. Again, please contact us if you experience any problems or difficulties, and we will do our best to solve them.


AuditAid for Microsoft Excel 95
(auditaid.xls; 746Kb)


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