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CPA Journal Education Forum Anticipates Future

The CPA Journal recently organized a forum to address the state of the educational requirements for aspiring accountants. The forum brought two eminent educators and two respected firm partners together in a panel to discuss, amongst other topics, the 150-hour requirement, graduate accounting programs, and continuing education. Their opinions, and the responses from several forum participants, should further the debate over the best education for new CPAs. (Article)

Auditor Skepticism and Revenue Transactions

The profession and regulators have devoted considerable attention to providing foolproof guidance on revenue transactions, but, as recent accounting scandals demonstrate, there remain serious flaws in the system. The author studied recent SEC Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases (AAER) having to do with revenue recognition in order to identify problem areas that should trigger auditor skepticism. (Article)

Leading Low End Accounting Software

Small companies face unique challenges when choosing an accounting software package. New programs offer more features than ever before, but other considerations, such as ease of installation and technical support, may be even more important. Making the right decision requires soliciting input, setting a budget, and weighing all options. (Article)

Abusive Earnings Management and Early Warning Signs

Over the last three years, the SEC has uncovered earnings management practices that have pushed the boundaries of GAAP to the point of fraud. The distinction between good business practices and abusive earnings management can appear all too fuzzy. There are warnings signs, however, that management can indicate to auditors that management may be about to cross the line. (Article)

August Departments


Portfolio accounting for individual investors (Article)

Federal Taxation

Deemed sale and repurchase: Still a viable opportunity for 2001 (Article)

The CPA in Industry

Contingency planning for small business (Article)

Personal Financial Planning

Maximizing the gift tax exemption (Article)
Allocating the sale of a business to personal goodwill (Article)


Who are we hiring? Characteristics of entrants to the profession (Article)

The CPA and the Computer

Internet security and the CPA (Article)
The lease footnote calculator (Article)

Guest Editorial

Reviving the Profession (Article)
By Robert H. Colson


News & Views

   In GAAP we trust
   A call to greatness
   The CPA's transition to the world of internal auditing
   The 360-degree audit: Earky warning device for high-risk audit teams
   Book Review: The Great Tax Wars
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Letters to the Editor

   Who needs independence rules?
   Deja vu all over again


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