June 2002

WebSite Redesign: When It’s Time for a Change

Aweb presence is now a must for almost any business. According to Mary Elges of Pinnacle Decision Systems (www.pinndec.com), a computer consulting and software development company, “The web has grown up so much in the last couple of years, with faster connection speeds, new development technologies and browser enhancements, [that] many of the older, static or frame developed websites now look outdated.” She offers the following suggestions for freshening up a website:

Elges says that a redesign is more than a matter of fixing problems. She recommends approaching website redesign with the same strategic planning used with other marketing materials:

Elges’ final recommendation is to take the time to choose the right person or company to do the redesign project. She doesn’t recommend in-house website design: “Since today’s standard website goes far beyond brochureware and static displays, you really need a professional to make sure that it’s designed and coded for optimum performance.

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