A Lifetime of Satisfaction

I would do it over again! Because of the people I’ve helped and the friends I’ve learned from. Because of the satisfaction of knowing that I’m considered “The Trusted Advisor,” and the lifestyle I’ve been able to enjoy. Because I’ve broadened my horizons and traveled to fascinating places. Because of the security in knowing that, as a partner in a mid-sized firm, I won’t lose my means of livelihood. I may lose some clients, but I’ll gain others. Because of the exciting challenges I find nearly every day. I like what I do!

Ours is a very young profession. Part of our job is to help the public learn what we do and how we can help them. The public perceives us as being well educated, and we determined years ago that in order to help the public, we need even better educated CPAs. We need to improve our image, not tarnish it by rolling back and reducing the new 150-hour requirement. Students unwilling to attain the standards we create shouldn’t apply to our profession.

Many times during my career, clients have asked me to leave public accounting and to join them. Each time it was tempting, but I always decided to remain in public practice.

Like anyone else, I’ve had my share of hard knocks and been unfairly treated. But that’s what life is all about. Being a CPA helped me deal with the slings and arrows. I’m proud of what CPAs contribute to society. It’s been a wonderful life as a CPA, as a partner in a CPA firm, and as a member of the CPA network I helped found, Integra International. Integra is about changing horizons, exchanging information, supporting one another professionally, and having fun—particularly at our conferences. (The Europeans especially like to sing.)

Life as a CPA hasn’t been perfect, but as one client told me: “I am only looking for reasonable perfection.” I would do it all over, again and again!

Richard Glickman, CPA

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