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The CPA Journal Millennium Series

  Tiptoeing through the Nexus Minefield

  By Mark S. Klein, Timothy P. Noonan, and Andrew B. Sabol 

  As traditional retailers launch their own dot-com enterprises, they will be under increasing scrutiny by state tax authorities looking to maintain revenues. The nexus rules that determine whether an entity is subject to a taxing jurisdiction are fraught with complexities, and the penalties for avoiding them can be severe. Careful attention in he form of arm's-length licensing agreements or separate customer services can help ensure that the 'click-and-mortar' retailer avoids costly attributional nexus. (Article)  


  Ethical Issues in Tax Practice: Recent Changes in IRS Enforcement Activity
  By Lawrence C. Phillips and Kay W. Tatum   

  The audit rate at the IRS may have declined, but enforcement has by no means stopped. Tax practitioners are obligated to make taxpayers aware of the significant penalties possible for those tempted to 'roll the dice.' (Article)        


  Strategies for Income with Respect to a Decedent 

  By Mark W. McGorry and Stephen D. Lassar  

  The tax-deferral strategies used to plan for retirement might also, upon death, leave beneficiaries liable for taxes on income with respect to decedent (IRD). to maximize total savings, financial planners must consider a broad array of techniques and balance financial objectives. (Article) 


   What the Accountant Must Know About Data Warehousing 
  By Marc Levine and Joel Siegel 

  A data warehouse aggregates a vast range of information stored throughout an organization and transforms the data so it can be easily compiled and queried by decision makers. these powerful tools can unlock the value of an organization's cumulative operational data and yield smarter strategic decisions. (Article)             


  Improving Financial Performance Through Benchmarking and Best Practices   
  By Susan J. Leandri  

  CPAs can leverage their expertise in analyzing quantitative information to move beyond presenting financial data 'as is' and take a more active role in achieving financial performance as it 'should be.' When used together, benchmarking and best practices can explain the 'why' behind the numbers and turn reporting data into actionable knowledge. (Article)   


  JANUARY Departments

   Some proposed solutions for the decline in the quantity and quality of accounting majors (Article)   
   Federal Taxation  

   Contingent sales under the new installment sale regime (Article)    

   State and Local Taxation 

   The tax angle of e-commerce (Article)  

  The CPA and the Computer  
   Accounting and auditing resources on the web (Article)  
   Windows ME (Article)  
   Estates and Trusts 

   Caveat for charitable remainder trusts (Article)  
   Proposed trust law will enable investment for total return (Article)

   The CPA Manager 

  The communications gap in recruiting entry-level staff: A study  
   Ethics as a value-added service     

   Personal Financial Planning 
   Estate planning for retirement benefits (Article)

   On the horizon: A message from CPA Journal Editor-in-Chief Robert Colson (Article)


JANUARY News & Views

   Nexus in the new millennium  
  G4+1 affirms commitment to convergence   
   Education is a wonderful thing--so why isn't it better?  
   Book Review: Corporate Governance and Accountability: What Role for the Regulator, Director, and Auditor? 
   Rook Review: The Trusted Advisor
   Crowe Chizek buys Big Five office in Fort Wayne
   Website of the month: FirstGov
Letters to the Editor
   Counteracting partner greed
   Not worth the effort
   Irreparable harm 
   Clarification on protection of IRAs from creditors

 Coming SOON

  International accounting standards  
  Auditing derivatives and securities 

  The market segment specialization program  

The CPA in Industry  
  Generational revenue analysis  
International Taxation 
  Disposition of U.S. real estate  
Personal Financial Planning 
  Pension maximization strategies 

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