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   Multidisciplinary Practices: Big Changes Brewing for the Accounting Profession (Article)

  By Jack Baker, Randall K. Hanson, and James K. Smith

  Multidisciplinary practices promise to transform the relationship between the accounting and legal professions. The American bar Association, howevere, deferred a recommendation to allow attorneys to share fees with nonattorneys. But its only a deferral.(Article)


The CPA Journal Millennium Series

   Are International Auditing Standards Ready to Replace U.S. GAAS?
  By James L. Craig, Jr., with Douglas R. Carmichael and Dan M. Guy

  International accountign principles have made headway with standards setters, but internaional auditing standards are still on the sidelines. The CPA Journal met with IFAC Techincal Director Jim Sylph to discuss the prospects.(Article)  


   Audit Committees in an Era of Increased Scrutiny
  By Robert W. Rouse and Mark R. Borrelli

  The role of the audit committee in the financial reporting process has never been more important, as evidenced by the quick spread of new rules from the SEC and self-regulatory organizations.(Article)


    Expensing Election Under Section 179

  By Melvyn Poswolsky

  Taxpayers can deduct a sizeable amount in qualifying IRC section 179 property. Striking the right balance between expensing and deducting purchases can maximize tax savings.(Article)


   IRS Revisits Commuting Expense Deductions
  By Kaye F. McClung

  The way Americans work has changed substantially in the last few decades. In keeping with the times, recent revenue rulings allow for a greater deductibility for what are typically thought of as commuting expenses.(Article)


  Evaluating Accounting Software Consultants
  By Eyal Feiler

  Successfully implementing accounting software requires a mix of skills in several fields. The author discusses a number of factors to consider when slecting the right consultant for the project.(Article)


  JUNE Departments

   Recent changes in recognizing equity method losses(Article)
  The CPA in Mediation and Arbitration

   New opportunities to reduce the cost of tax litigation through ADR (Article)

   Estates and Trusts

   Selling a decedent's real estate: Some tax considerations (Article)

  The CPA in Industry
   Emotional intelligence: Some have it, others can learn (Article)
   Federal Taxation

   Modified procedures for automatic accounting period changes (Article)

   State and Local Taxation

  Pennsylvania's manufacturing exemption (Article)
  Alabama franchise tax protective claim for refund (Article)

   Personal Financial Planning
   A risk-management approach to investing in options (Article)
   Employee Benefit Plans

  IRS issues safe harbor notice for plan distibutions (Article)
  Benefits perspective 2000 (Article)

   The CPA and the Computer
   Website certification: The TRUSTe alternative (Article)


JUNE News & Views

   Are multidisciplinary practices the wave of the future?
   Craig retires as editor-in-chief  
   Commission proposes extending e-commerce tax moratorium
   Gee, Knight, and Jackson win 1999 Max Block Award  
   Global business designation proposed
   Illinois survey and forum show 150 hours not a major factor in hiring  
  SEC SAB 101A gives registrant additional time to implement guidance on revenue recognition
   Gloabal XBRL initiative to facilitate exchange of financial statements   
   New IRS letters on third-party contracts
  IRS releases final regulations for section 125 cafeteria plans
  Book Review : Activity-Based Costing: Making it Work for Small and Mid-Sized Firms, 2nd Ed.  
   Seventh Cicuit adopts new test for reasonable compensation

Letters to the editor
   Client/server technology
   The authors respond
   Tax planning simplified
   Child care tax credit 

  Coming SOON

   An interview with AICPA President Barry Melancon
   National retail sales tax  

   Improving audit effectiveness

Personal Financial Planning
   Reducing exposure to employer stock
Federal Taxation
   Realizing cancellation of debt income
The CPA and the Computer
   QuickBooks and Timeslips

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