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   Business Valuation Services (Article)

  By Dan L. Goldwasser

  Business valuation services are a logical way to extend a practice. Some valuation engagements are riskier than others, bbutsteps can be taken to minimize exposure. A well-crafted engagement letter, a comprehensive valuation report, and consistent adherence to the profession's ethical standards can mitigate potential risks. (Article)


The CPA Journal Millennium Series

   The New Structure for International Accounting Standards
  By Mary Ellen Oliverio

  The International Accounting Standards CCommitteehas made steady progress in the eyes of major standards setters and securities rregulators Its new sstructure hasthe SEC's blessing , but sceptics remain, especially in Europe. (Article)


   Accountants and the RResponsiblePerson Penalty
  By Mark A. Segal

  The IRS can impose penalties on individuals that are responsible for paying payroll taxes and fail to do so. The pressure an employer may put on a responsible person does not outweigh the fiduciary rresponsibilityto pay taxes.(Article)  


    Continuing Education or Mandatory Hours

  By Raymond Clay, Jr., and Joan M. Clay

  CPE requirements are often perceived as a time-consuming rregulatoryburden. Making them work to your benefit means planning ahead and taking advantage of the educational opportunities available.(Article)


   The New Mix of Client Services
  By Larry J. Rankin and Florence C. Sharp

  A survey of practitioners reveals that CPAs are embracing the opportunities presented by new client services. Future opportunities will be increasingly driven by the marketplace and now is the time to plan them.(Article)


  Identifying Nonresident Aliens and Excludable Income
  By Joseph R. Oliver

  The taxation rules for nonresident aliens workign in the United States are complex but must be diligently followed. The consequences of inadvertently being treated as a resident alien can be significant.(Article)


  MAY Departments

   The effect of SFAS 135 technical corrections on measurement of net periodic pension expense(Article)
  The CPA in Industry

   Hyperion Activity-Based Management Software: A tool for analyzing costs and operational processes (Article)

   Federal Taxation

   Installment method: Not for accrual basis taxpayers anymore (Article)

  State and Local Taxation
   California's new approach to apportionment is a throwback to the old (Article)
   Michigan site-based CAD deduction (Article) 
   SEC Advisor

  SAB 101's requirements for revenue recognition (Article)

   Estates and Trusts

  Fair market value for business valuations (Article)

   The CPA Manager
   Job satisfaction among entry-level accountants (Article)
   The CPA Consultant

  Consulting with family-owned businesses (Article)

   The CPA and the Computer
   A spreadsheet template for installment loan amortization tables (Article) | Donwloadable spreadsheet
   Employee Benefit Plans

  Health care trends in the new millennium (Article)
  IRA beneficiaries receive favorable payment schedule (Article)

   Personal Financial Planning
  Building a financial planning practice without commissions (Article)


MAY News & Views

   International Accounting Standards: The question is not if, but how
   Independence Standards Board progress report 
  Controversy continues over over pooling of interests vs. purchase accounting
  FASB to fast-track amendments to SFAS No. 133
  AICPA backs (with caveats) IRS registration of confidential corporate tax shelters
   O'Neill elected to POB, Sever appointed chair of AcSEC
  Investment industry leaders meet to promote global standards for reporting investment returns
   Accounting Today's top 100 firms continue double-digit growth 
  McCain to keynote June IMA conference, U.S. Treasurer to speak
  Book Review: The Audit Committee Handbook , 3rd ed.
  Online tax preparer granted WebTrust seal

  Coming SOON

   New rules for serving on audit committees
   Multidisciplinary practices and legal services 

   Are international auditing standards ready to replace GAAS?

The CPA in Industry
   Emotional intelligence
Federal Taxation
   New procedures for automatic changes in accounting periods
CPA Manager
   International opportunities through the Internet

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