December 1999


The CPA Journal is pleased to announce the formation of an Editorial Review Board. Comprised of CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals, the board members' primary role is to review articles for suitability and recommend topics and authors. They will offer their opinions on important professional issues for publication and cast their vote for the annual Max Block Distinguished Article Award. Members of the board come from a multitude of organizations and disciplines and were invited to join based upon their expert knowledge of their fields and past contributions to the profession and to The CPA Journal.

Among the board members are former AICPA chairs--Stuart Kessler and Olivia Kirtley--a former FASB chair, Dennis Beresford, and a former AICPA vice president, Dan Guy. Also accepting the invitation are many with a long-standing relationship with the Journal, such as Richard Barth, William Bregman, Douglas Carmichael, Sheldon Geller, Dan Goldwasser, Viva Hammer, Gary Illiano, Eric Kramer, Lawrence Lipoff, Milton Miller, Laurence Pollock, Walter Primoff, Edwin Morris, Edward Slott, Murphy Smith, Paul Warner, and Philip Zimmerman. A complete list of the editorial board members is on page 6.

The CPA Journal is deeply grateful to these distinguished individuals for agreeing to serve and looks forward to the benefit of their expertise and wisdom. *

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