December 1999


KPMG LLP, in a public display of its support of social causes, recently announced its involvement and support of the NetAid Foundation's website launch. KPMG reported that it deployed the NetAid website in 90 days and donated $1 million to the NetAid Foundation. Cisco Systems underwrote the cost of the project, managed its overall program, and coordinated the technology deployment; Akami Technologies' servers handled the webcast's traffic. NetAid's public launch was the October 9 broadcast and webcast of concerts featuring popular international musicians from New York, London, and Geneva.

The NetAid Foundation's mission is to fight global poverty. Its goal is to use the Internet as a medium for social and economic change by facilitating communication and cooperation among individuals and organizations pursuing these goals throughout the world. Some of the causes falling under this mission include ending hunger, helping refugees, protecting human rights, relieving third-world debt, and preserving the environment. claims to be one of the largest websites ever created. The site was designed to handle 60 million hits per hour and 1,000 e-commerce transactions per second, making it larger than previous Internet launches. After the NetAid broadcast, project leaders announced that the site handled nearly 2.5 million web streams and had over 99% successful streams and downloads. *

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