JULY Features  
  College Tuition and Savings Programs
  By Sally A. Wahrmann

  Most states have, or are planning to implement, some form of college savings plan. Some allow flexibility in where the credits are used, and some allow flexibility in how the money is invested. New York's college choice plan is examined in detail. (Article)


  A New Era for the Local CPA Firm
  By Nicholas J. Mastracchio, Jr.

  The path of the public accounting profession is undoubtedly changing, even if its ultimate destination remains uncertain. The threat to small local firms no longer seems to be the large national firms but rather a new breed of commercial giants whose sights are set on the small firms' clients. The local firm must adapt to this new environment by continuing to focus on the client. (Article)


  The Accounting Profession in the 20th Century
  By Wallace E. Olson

  The  second CPA Journal Millennium Series feature takes a second look at the developments and expansion of the profession during the last century. Emphasis is placed upon the pressures created by actual or possible government regulation and the changes wrought by growth and competition within the profession. Author Wallace Olson, AICPA president during these times of change, thinks the profession should take a serious lookatr where it's heading and remember its public trust. (Article)


  Accountancy in Poland's Market Economy
  By Max Gottlieb

  Poland's continuing transformation from a centrally-planned, communist economy to a free-market democracy has been a significant achievement. The country's development of a strong public accounting profession cannot be overlooked. The author examines the current status of the Polish public accounting profession. (Article)


  The National Results of the 1998 Management of an Accounting Practice Survey
  By Raymond A. Zimmermann, Daniel Flaherty, and Mary Ann Murray

  This annual survey examines over 1,500 local and regional firms on the basis of revenue, size, partner and professional compensation, location, and areas of practice. Owners can examine the results to see how they stack up against comparable firms across the country. (Article)


 Partnership Liabilities When Converting to a Limited Liability Company
  By Timothy R. Koski

  There are many advantages to converting a partnership to a limited liability company. However, proper planning is still necessary to avoid possible negative tax consequences when liability among partners shifts due to the conversion. (Article)


  JULY Departments  
   SAS No. 59: Going concern evidence
   Book review: Auditing Organizations through a Strategic Systems Lens: The KPMG Business Measurement Process  (Article)

  Accounting for transactions involving barter credits  (Article)

  The CPA Manager
   When the client asks for Y2K services (Article)
  The CPA Manager
  Federal Taxation
  Reduction of the boot with a promissory note (Article)
  Employee Benefit Plans

  Favorable profit sharing contribution allocations under 401(k) plans (Article)

  Personal Financial Planning

   The family limited partnership: A planning technique (Article)

  State and Local Taxation
   New York State overhauls unemployment tax law (Article)
  The CPA in Industry
   Doing more with data (Article)
  Accountant's Liability
   Update on the preclusion of financial experts under Daubert (Article)
July News & Views
Millennium Series Continues Article
AICPA Council Votes To Permit CPAs In Non-CPA Firms To Issue Compilations Article
Independence: Ethical Consideration Or Regulatory Requisite? Article
AICPA Issues Proposed Changes To Quality Control Standards To Cover UAA New Experience Requirements Article
POB Panel Surveys Audit Effectiveness Article
A Roll-Up Readies For A Rollout Article
AICPA Hops On FASB Bandwagon For International Standards Setting Reform Article
ASWA Conference To Take Place In Seattle Article
ADP, Staples Announce Payroll Services Article
Consulting Candidates Expect High Compensation Article
European Company Buys U.S. Accounting Franchise Article
KPMG Weighs In On Audit Committee Issue Article
Webtrust: A Progress Report Article
Crisis Of Success Article
Advice For A Successful Family Business Article
Guidelines For Voluntary Tax Practice Review Article
Golden Anniversary Article

  Coming SOON  

  Three comptrollers general and the profession
The evolving role of corporate audit committees
   20 questions on legal entities
   Financial statements and the euro
   Computer-assisted techniques for fraud detection
Federal Taxation
  Qualified subchapter S subsidiaries

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