September 1998 Issue


On Thursday, July 9, the U.S. Senate completed congressional action on the IRS Restructuring and Reform Bill of 1998. The Senate vote was 98-2; the House of Representatives had earlier voted its approval with a similar show of support, 402-8. The President signed the legislation on July 22.

One important provision for CPAs and their clients is the granting of a confidentiality privilege to CPAs' clients, not unlike that enjoyed by attorneys' clients. The provision would preclude the IRS from obtaining taxpayer information from CPAs concerning their client's civil tax matters; this privilege will not extend to criminal matters. A second major item was the last-minute inclusion of the elimination of the 18-month capital gains holding period effective January 1, 1998.

Safe Other key features of the bill are the creation of a corporate-styled board to oversee the IRS, a strengthening of the Taxpayer Advocate, a mandate to move to electronic filing of tax returns over the next decade, a shifting of the burden of proof in certain civil tax matters, a major reformation of the innocent spouse rule, and a prohibition against financial status (or economic reality) auditing.

Upcoming issues of The CPA Journal will feature articles on the bill as a whole and the CPA-client privilege in particular. The text and other key information about the bill can be obtained online via *

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