September 1998 Issue


The September issue of The CPA Journal is once again devoted to high-net-worth individuals--those that advise them, those that have achieved that status, and those that aspire to achieve that status. The cut-off for entry into the club is growing; it will be up to $2 million by 2006, when the estate and gift tax exclusions for married couples reach that level.

This year a major focus is on investment planning, but with a healthy dose of estate planning. William Reeves' article, "The CPA as Investment Advisor," is a must for all CPAs who yearn to give high-net-worth clients investment advice. What a particular CPA can do depends upon the regulatory framework for his or her state; but all the possibilities are there.

"Eight Imperatives for Global Investing" should be especially helpful as the year 1998 winds down. With the U.S. securities markets on the weak side, it may be time to look into a more diversified portfolio that includes some international investments.

This is the time of year for practitioners to review the needs of their high-net-worth clients. There is an enormous opportunity to see how recent tax changes and the investment climate affect them. It is also the time for CPAs to take a close look at their own personal situation. The story about the shoemaker's children should not hold true for CPAs. *

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