August 1998 Issue


By William Bregman, CPA/PFS, CFP

The AICPA has a new monthly audiocassette series featuring Jonathan Pond, the nationally renowned financial planner. Pond broke onto the national scene when he appeared on public television during the recent fund-raising season. His tax party on public television demonstrated that CPA Pond was more lively than the stereotypical CPA tax advisor.

Each month's cassette discussion runs approximately 90 - 100 minutes and covers a number of topics in depth with a few additional brief planning tips. I listened to the February 1998 tape that dealt with estate planning essentials, the impact of 401(k) plan decisions on retirement wealth, rollover scam artists, the essentials of bond investing, protecting stock market paper profits, and a look at the market by contrarian David Dreman.

Many CPAs will want to listen to this hour and a half tape in the car, during the commute into the office, or while working out at the local health club. The tape is most helpful for beginning- to intermediate-level planners, with an occasional nugget thrown in for the more advanced. In many ways, the tape reminded me of an audio version of a Kiplinger newsletter. It offered insight, a good overview of the chosen topics, and lots of practical advice that most planners will find helpful.

Accompanying the cassette are a newsletter and self-examination materials that give the listener the opportunity to earn up to one hour of CPE credit for listening to the cassette.

A free trial cassette can be ordered from the AICPA by calling (888) 777-7077 and requesting product number G03001. The regular 12-issue AICPA member subscription price is $165, with a special charter discounted price of $132, which includes the six-page study guide and self-study examination materials. *

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