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While many businesses negotiate aggressively to secure the best deals when buying equipment, they often fail to keep vigilant about examining their leasing options. According to a new report in the Business Consumer Guide, after deciding what to buy, businesses often relax prematurely and do not focus on the "how to buy" portion of their purchase.

The Business Consumer Guide is a no-advertising national publication that evaluates office products and services. The new leasing report includes a comparison of more than 30 leasing providers and focuses on key factors to consider when shopping for an equipment lease. In addition to highlighting the pros and cons of getting a lease from the vendor that sells the equipment, the report examines the tax implications of different lease structures and offers tips on negotiating the best terms and lease payments.

The report also identifies many of the hidden clauses and leasing tricks less scrupulous lessors may include in contracts. For example, there are leases that automatically renew upon termination unless the business sends a written request that their lease end.

The leasing report is $25 and also can be purchased as part of a subscription to Business Consumer Guide ($129 for 12 issues, $89 for six issues). In addition, BuyersZone (www.buyerszone.com), the guide's online counterpart, features a new free leasing section (www.buyerszone.com/lease/index.html). Contact the Business Consumer Guide at (800) 938-0088 for more information or see the Buyers-Zone website. *

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