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Upgrading to a new--or in some cases, merely a newer computer--is more and more commonplace as the cost of technology continues to fall at a rapid pace and the need for more speed and storage increases. Before discarding your old system, consider donating it to a needy organization.

In the past, donations of used computers by readers of The CPA Journal have helped disabled individuals receive educational and vocational training, surf the Web, and communicate electronically with peers, legislators, educators, and other important groups. The Center for the Disabled, an Albany-based organization affiliated with the United Cerebral Palsy Association, received 40 working used computers as a result of an article in the November 1996 CPA Journal.

"The equipment helped the center begin to transform our Technology Opportunities Program into a series of Technology Centers," said Patrick J. Bulgaro, president and executive director of the Center for the Disabled. "A number of these machines also found their way into our school and preschool settings and our community residences. None of this would have been possible without The CPA Journal."

The Center for Disabled accepts all working equipment, even 486, 386, and the old 286 CPUs, and also can refer interested donors to additional local human service agencies in need of computer equipment. For more information, contact the center at 314 South Manning Boulevard, Albany NY 12208-1794, (518) 489-8336.

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