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Thanks for your article (January issue) about the important changes happening at PCPS, which has transformed from a quasi-regulatory organization focused on peer review to an organization that is truly directed to member services, benefits, and advocacy.

In your article, you point out a dichotomy in PCPS that we have finally resolved. On one hand, nonmembers felt disenfranchised because services benefitted member firms. On the other hand, nonmembers did not choose to adhere to the membership that distinguished member firms. To resolve this fundamental issue, we relaxed membership requirements so that all firms might benefit from the rich program of activities that PCPS offers.

All the MAP, TIC, and executive committees are excited by the new approach, which allows us to reach out and make a difference to more practice units. Rather than raising more questions, we're now on to the business of satisfying our growing membership. *

Harold Monk, CPA

Chair, PCPS: Partnering for Practice Success

The AICPA Alliance for Firms

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