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After May 31, 1998, the name Robert L. Gray will no longer appear on the masthead of The CPA Journal as publisher and editor-in-chief. After approximately 28 years of involvement with the Journal, he has decided to pursue other career interests and opportunities.

Gray first appeared on the masthead of The New York State Certified Public Accountant, the predecessor of The CPA Journal, in his role as executive director of the New York State Society of CPAs. Over his years of service, as the needs of the Journal changed he wore the hat of executive editor, managing editor, and finally publisher and editor-in-chief. There were times when he and other editors, including Max Block, Dan Kramer, and Kirk Batzer turned sows ears into silk purses in order to bring the Journal's readers the relevant material they needed.

An interview with Gray conducted by Managing Editor James Craig will appear in next month's issue of the Journal. Gray reflects on his years as editor and on the issues the profession is now facing.*

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