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By Randi Marie Freidig

Published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Inc. $28 for members and $37 for nonmembers.

Reviewed by Michael Goldstein, The CPA Journal

The basic premise of this book is that a CPA's most valuable asset is his or her earning ability and this is tied not only to technical skills but to the ability to bring in business. The author believes that every CPA needs to know how to market and that personal marketing skills are needed to land a job, keep that job, and be effective within any organization. CPAs do not want to limit their activities to developing business or keeping themselves and their departments visible within their larger organizations. Rather, they want to make themselves indispensable, employable, and very marketable. The author helps put everything into perspective; shows the reader how to develop a personal strategic plan, set his or her own goals, and do a self-assessment; and describes many of the activities necessary for success.

While CPAs at the partner level can certainly benefit from this publication, I believe that staff persons as well as students considering a career in public accounting can benefit significantly. The latter two can get a good preview of one important aspect of what is required for success and some of the necessary ingredients, including personal marketing.

This paperback volume is only 190 pages and easy to read. Much of it is presented in a bullet-like fashion. There are some helpful appendices, such as a sample worksheet and personal marketing plan for senior accountants and another for partners. There are also seven pages devoted to Table Manners for the Business Professional--certainly not an unimportant part of personal marketing. *

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