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John M. Green, CPA, gave a state of the "state boards of the state" accountancy report at the annual meeting of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy in Maui, Hawaii, held in September 1997. The following excerpts from his address highlight where NASBA stands on the important professional issues:

"The year has presented problems that have turned out to really be opportunities. The Mingle Committee's (AICPA Special Committee on Regulation and Structure) proposals were viewed by many as problems for the accounting profession and our state boards of accountancy. Actually, most of us view them now as opportunities to make our system of regulation fairer, more encompassing for all CPAs, and more efficient. Through the work of the AICPA/NASBA Joint Committee on Regulation, the Implementation Task Force, the Uniform Accountancy Act Committee, the Reciprocity Committee, the Future Licensing, Litigation, and Legislation Committee, regional meeting participants, and many others, we look forward to making substantial equivalence a reality.

"Electronic practice is still as unknown to many of us as how to regulate it effectively. The joint committee's proposals go a long way in developing a process that will resolve its regulation.

"A new agreement with the Australian Chartered Accountants has been approved by our International Qualifications Appraisal Board (IQAB). Problems with the agreement with the Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and Scotland hold those agreements in limbo for now. We hope they can move forward soon. The Ireland Chartered Accountants' agreement can perhaps proceed at the next meeting of the IQAB. Other organizations in Australia, Canada. England/Wales, Scotland, and Ireland are under review.

"The Uniform Credential Service is a reality. This is a new service for state boards to help them in dealing with the mobile licensee, as well as those licensees who stay within their borders. Three states have asked NASBA to develop procedures for them to work in the uniform credential process, continuing professional education, and other areas for their licensees. We have borrowed from the regulatory associations of architects and professional engineers, whose similar systems have been very effective. We are also excited about the promises this program brings to NASBA and service to state boards.

"I want to leave you with a few comments which relate to what we do in the regulation of accountants. Here they are:

* This is the greatest nation on earth. We have got to get better to live as a free people in the world in which we now live.
* We must:

--Know more than we have known.

--Understand more than we have understood.

--Respect more than we have respected.

--Free ourselves from prejudices more than we have been freed of prejudice.

--Work more than we have worked.

--Love more than we have loved.

* The challenge of the times is the application of old fundamental truths to new situations with the least loss of individual freedom. Here lies the challenge of leadership if we are to maintain freedom of opportunity, freedom to do, freedom to own, freedom to dream, and freedom to make dreams come true. I know we all can embrace these ideas. I know we may not all agree on all aspects of our solutions, but I do feel strongly we will work to a common, good result that will be fair and effective. I hope and trust it will remain substantially equivalent." *

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