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I spoke today with Alex Bohtling's housekeeper who provided the following information regarding Mr. Bohtling and his sudden passing. On arriving for work at his home on the morning of Tuesday, September 23, 1997, she discovered he had passed away, apparently in his sleep, sometime during the preceding evening or early morning hours. He had not been ill. Alex was 88 years old. His wife died in 1995. They had no children. He is survived by a nephew Edward Bohtling of Syracuse, New York.

I was privileged to chair the SEC committee of our state society during this last year of Alex's life. He never missed a meeting of the committee or any of its presentations in the three plus years I have served on the committee. On October 24, 1997, a special joint meeting of the SEC Practice Committee and the Stock Brokerage Accounting Committee, of which Alex was also a member, was held. It was Mr. Bohtling who originally suggested that such a joint
meeting be held. He will truly be missed.

Jeffrey M. Brinn, CPA
South Huntington NY

[Editor's note: For the past few years Alexander A.H. Bohtling reviewed books for The CPA Journal. At his passing on September 23, 1997, we had several of his reviews waiting to be published. One of those reviews appears in this month's issue. Alex will be remembered for the high regard he held for the profession and the importance being a CPA was in his life. His was very proud of his years at Deloitte and Touche, and whenever he reviewed a book, uppermost in his mind was whether it would read well at his old firm. Readers may not have noted, that all of Alex's reviews ended with the statement, "In your reviewer's opinion..." He always had the editors give him a signed receipt when he returned a book he had reviewed. In this editor's opinion he will truly be missed.]

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