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By Mark F. Murray

Published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Review by Michael Goldstein, The CPA Journal

My first reaction, before reviewing this 110 page softcover book, was "a book for accountants about violence at work, it must be a joke." Before I finished the short "Introduction," which mentioned that incidents (not necessarily about accountants) involving employees killing their supervisors occur at the rate of two per month in the United States and that the workplace may be a more dangerous environment because of heavier workloads, longer hours, and new technology--then why not for accountants?

The author devotes a short but adequate portion of the publication to the extent and impact of workplace violence. The largest segment contains information on what can be done by you, your company, or your client to address the problem, e.g., management style, hiring and terminating staff, employee assistance programs, how to prevent violence, what to do if it happens, and possible liabilities that might arise resulting from an incident of violence. Seven helpful "what to" and "how to do" illustrations are included in the appendices including, a Sample Sexual Harassment Policy and a Sample Workplace Violence Policy. Whether you are concerned with your own firm, consulting with clients, or are an executive in industry or government, this volume can provide you with possible solutions, as well as, additional insight into the problem of violence in the workplace. *

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