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The full text of articles from The CPA Journal back to 1989 are now available on LUCA.COM. Since the new LUCA was unveiled in May 1997, there were some gaps in the available articles. It is now possible for all LUCA subscribers to do searches of all the Journal's articles for this eight-year period. The search engine is powerful: Searches can be done by topic, author, name of article--the possibilities are endless.

All CPA Journal subscribers may connect to LUCA.COM. Look for the ad in this month's issue of The CPA Journal.

Also, LUCA editor Anthony Mancuso has just put up the latest changes to the Federal circulars dealing with the Single Audit Act. In particular, the new OMB Circular A-133 is on LUCA as is the provisional compliance supplement--a must when doing a single audit. The suggested wording for auditors' reports is on the AICPA's web site, aicpa.org. *

Also don't forget The CPA Journal's home page CPAJ.com for links to all the important places, including the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act.

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