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But Watch Out for the Effects Of the New Tax Law

Once again, our September issue is devoted to those that give advice to, or are themselves a member of, the high-net-worth club. The focus is primarily from a tax and financial planning perspective. This year, however, we have advice from the president, a CPA himself, of an insurance company about the unique risks of providing services to high-net-worth clients.

It is extremely important to note that the material was written and submitted to the Journal before the full details of the 1997 Federal tax act were known. Some of the provisions of that act, as recently signed by President Clinton, change the advice presented. Readers must therefore be on their guard.

A comprehensive article on the new tax act will appear in the October issue of The CPA Journal. For specifics about the tax act in the meantime, The CPA Journal homepage has a number of links to information, including the full text of the act. CPAJ.com *

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