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The word "tax" won't be found in any of their titles, but taken together, three recent pieces of legislation have made some of the most extensive changes in the tax code in the last decade, according to CCH Incorporated, a leading provider of tax and business law information. The company, which has been tracking, reporting, and explaining tax law since 1913, has responded with print and electronic versions of some helpful and valuable publications for tax and legal professionals.

Publication content draws from three recent bills: Small Business Job Protection Act, Health Insurance Portability
.......and Accountability Act, and Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act.

* 1996 Tax Legislation: Law and Explanation contains the full text of the tax-related sections of the three new bills, along with expert explanation and analysis. The book includes controlling committee reports, amendment notes for each changed section and tables of IRC sections amended and effective dates, as well as practical pointers, pitfalls, and examples. Book #04748101, approximately 900 pages, $32.50 each.

* 1996 Tax Legislation: Explanation Only is a practical alternative for those who don't require the full text of the three new bills; it provides clear explanation and analysis of the laws' provisions compiled from CCH's Law and Explanation book. Book # 04747101, approximately 300 pages, $22.50 each.

* 1996 Tax Legislation: Professional Summary is a snapshot of the three new bills as passed by Congress, as well as the recently enacted Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2. Aimed at the needs of the tax professional, the text of the book is available in print, or excerpts can be accessed via CCH's web site at http://www.cch.com (Click on "Tax '96--Tax Legislation" hotlink). Book #04745101 approximately 48 pages, $12.95 each.

* Tax Legislation Highlights is a booklet designed for general readers and examines what the law changes resulting from the three new bills may mean to them. It distills numerous tax changes that affect both businesses and individuals into an instant reference, outlining important provisions, and gives any reader a quick, working knowledge of the new tax changes resulting from the three bills, as well as the recently enacted Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2. Book # 04746101, approximately 48 pages, $7 each.

* The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 provides the full text of all provisions (tax and nontax) of the "welfare bill," as
well as the conference committee explanations. Book #4854, approximately 700 pages, $29 each.

To order any CCH tax publications, call (800) 248-3248, Department 2091. Quantity discounts are available; prices do not include shipping and handling. *

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