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Can't find your back issues? Looking for articles on a particular subject? The CPA Journal is available in more formats than might be guessed. When looking for articles from past issues of The CPA Journal, we suggest trying the following services:

Luca Online. By the end of the year, The CPA Journal will be available on Luca OnlineTM, the online service of the NYSSCPA. Users will be able to search, read, print, and download articles from previous years, as well as access current material.

CompuServe. For readers with access to CompuServe, The CPA Journal is available in the Business Database Plus. Users should type "GO BUSDB" to access the service. For more information call (800) 848-8990.

Lexis/Nexis. The CPA Journal is available in two areas of Lexis-Nexis. Users should select the "BUSFIN" library and select the "ABI" file. The CPA Journal is also available in the "NEWS" library, by selecting the file "ASAPII." For more information about the Lexis-Nexis service, call
(800) 528-1891.

Accountants' Information Service (AIS). As using telephones and fax machines is frequently more convenient than wading into cyberspace, starting May 15, 1996, readers will be able to receive articles from various accounting journals, including The CPA Journal, by fax or mail on subjects of interest to accountants by calling in or sending a fax to the Accountants' Information Service.

Call Maynard Merel at (800) 474-7252 to receive a copy of AIS's free index of articles. *

The CPA Journal is broadly recognized as an outstanding, technical-refereed publication aimed at public practitioners, management, educators, and other accounting professionals. It is edited by CPAs for CPAs. Our goal is to provide CPAs and other accounting professionals with the information and news to enable them to be successful accountants, managers, and executives in today's practice environments.

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